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Maybe no one will comment on your ticket pocket, but they will see it eventually and will think "what a little dandy". That alone actually wouldn't be an issue if it weren't for the hacking pockets as well. Both those combined make you look like a try-too-hard.
  I've been badgering suitsupply customer service reps with this exact complaint repeatedly.  The Sienna's shoulders are AMAZING and incredibly unique,.particularly in a city like NYC where "napoli" cut style shoulders are essentially the standard and very boring.  They look so good (at least on my generally "wide-shoulder" athletic build).   Should we start a petition for either: 1) Creating a version of the Sienna with normal flap pockets (and no ticket pocket) OR 2)...
No, I'm talking about the suit jacket sleeve. The jacket sleeve itself would have 2.75" from the end of the suit jacket sleeve to the 1st button-hole.
But if you do, won't you basically have about 2.75" between the end of the cuff and the first buttonhole? That would look rather unsightly right?
Are Albert Thurston braces all just one-size-fits-all these days?   I'm in a rush (need them by Nov. 7th), and will likely be ordering online...not sure where else they are sold (checked Turnbull & Asser and they are sold out).
Also, at worst, your coworkers will look at your jacket and think of you to be "stuckup" and a "dandy".  You would be shocked how much psychological undertones get communicated by wearing "too-fashion-forward" stuff at the office. It's fine to have your own style, but within conservative boundlines....   Again, though, this is for if you work in Legal, Finance, or other similarly conservative business office environments.
What "fit" of the body of suit did you request?  Can you take some more pics of the shoulders / back from different angles, including head-on?   Looks pretty good from that picture -- also, can you take a pic and zoom in on the fabric so we can see the pattern more clearly? 
What do you do for work? The ticket pocket of the sienna make it a no-go for any "conservative" office type environment. You're good with the Napoli though. Very classic "Isaia" type model of suit styling / construction.
Anyone ever identify this gorgeous top coat? Looks amazing on him.
Where can I buy those knock-offs? You actually had to be IN singapore?
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