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Thanks guys. Sounds like sizing up from napoli is the right call, but how much higher will vary from person to person. Sales being final is too risky for me. Ill pass. Thanks again.
Is there a general consensus in sizing between napoli and copenhagen? X in napoli = x in copenhagen? Thanks
+1 for another positive experience from dabondo1.  As long as you know these are no warranty shoes that their conditions will vary from worn a few times to worn one too many should be good.  Don't let the condition of the shoes cloud your judgement of the Seller.  He/she only sells them.
Daltons in walnut calf.
Breaking out the Chili Carlyle. These are going to be my new favorites.
Any size difference between the 565 and the 108 last?  Thanks.
When sorting by price (from low to high) on the Shoe Bank website, is there any significance to the shoes listed at the end without pictures?    I guess some of the models really are just missing pictures.  But I also saw a pair of Randolph listed for $147 at the bottom without pictures and at the same time saw the Randolph listed for $299 above with pictures.  Does anyone know if there's a meaning behind this?  Failed MTO maybe?
Am I the only one that finds the Amok somewhat uncomfortable?  The upper is fine and all, but I feel the sole is very "flat".  After long wear, the bottom part of my feet does hurt a bit.
Although closed gap is preferred, it shouldn't trump comfort.  If those shoes are comfortable now, just live with the gap.  Don't sacrifice comfort for closed gap.
Thanks. I only have 1 pair of chili, so id hate to buy some cream and polish just for that.
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