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Whats the general consensus on the tiger stripes that appear on 2nds? Do they eventually even out over time and polish? Just received a pair that has them.
Does anyone know if the bleecker street chili listed on the shoe bank site = "Bob's chili"?
Any addition info on this? Considering those boots right now.
 woooooooooah, you mean this is a thing?  I thought my right foot was deformed or something.  My dark chocolate daltons have no issues, but the right boot of my walnut dalton kills me (same size in both colors).  I wear them once in a pretty long time because I dread having to walk around all day in them...I'm hoping my right boot will break-in...eventually...
 Just my opinion, but I would either exchange them under 1st pricing or keep them under 2nd pricing.  That tear would be unacceptable to me if I was paying  1st pricing.
 free shipping and return.  I'd order one in every size from 34R --> what you currently wear in other brands
108 last size (delray, carlyle, Clark street, mora 2) vs. Standard 565 last size? Thanks
Sizing question carlyle (108 last) vs. Standard 5 last? Also, has anyone tried using brown polish on the bourbon color? I previously read that bourbon should be treated with walnut but i have plenty of walnut shoes already. I'd prefer something brown, but there seems to be a bourbon sale at the shoebank.
 No effect when I tried brushed vigorously.  I'll try conditioning it to hopefully moistened it up a bit, but is there any advice on how to get rid of the water mark in the center vamp? So during my last polish, my routine was: 1) wiped and brushed dust/debris 2) condition/cleaner, let dry, brush 3) AE premium polish, let dry, brush.  At the end everything looked fine and even colored, but once I wore them, the crease area started looking like it looks now where there's...
Can you guys tell me whats up with the cracking/discoloration of where the toe creases are? Is it excess polish? Water/salt damage? Also, to please provide a remdy? Thanks.
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