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When sorting by price (from low to high) on the Shoe Bank website, is there any significance to the shoes listed at the end without pictures?    I guess some of the models really are just missing pictures.  But I also saw a pair of Randolph listed for $147 at the bottom without pictures and at the same time saw the Randolph listed for $299 above with pictures.  Does anyone know if there's a meaning behind this?  Failed MTO maybe?
Am I the only one that finds the Amok somewhat uncomfortable?  The upper is fine and all, but I feel the sole is very "flat".  After long wear, the bottom part of my feet does hurt a bit.
Although closed gap is preferred, it shouldn't trump comfort.  If those shoes are comfortable now, just live with the gap.  Don't sacrifice comfort for closed gap.
Thanks. I only have 1 pair of chili, so id hate to buy some cream and polish just for that.
I have the Chili LaSalle that I'm looking to clean up, but I don't have any chili cream or polish.  Has anyone had success using a more common alternative polish/wax with success?
Whats the general consensus on the tiger stripes that appear on 2nds? Do they eventually even out over time and polish? Just received a pair that has them.
Does anyone know if the bleecker street chili listed on the shoe bank site = "Bob's chili"?
Any addition info on this? Considering those boots right now.
 woooooooooah, you mean this is a thing?  I thought my right foot was deformed or something.  My dark chocolate daltons have no issues, but the right boot of my walnut dalton kills me (same size in both colors).  I wear them once in a pretty long time because I dread having to walk around all day in them...I'm hoping my right boot will break-in...eventually...
 Just my opinion, but I would either exchange them under 1st pricing or keep them under 2nd pricing.  That tear would be unacceptable to me if I was paying  1st pricing.
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