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 Just when I thought I was out... 
I'd be thinking cotton suit in your situation. I have a really versatile MJ Bale cotton suit and I've also seen some really nice PJ and Suit Shop options. Cotton suits are versatile in that they can easily be worn as trousers or sports coat without having that orphan look that wool suit separates have.
Hi tobiasj   Sorry I've taken a while.   Yes they are the classic collection. If I had to sum them up in one word it would be 'stiff'. The meermin/dainite sole is stiff as a board and doesn't seem to get much better with time. Having said that I still think they are pretty good value for the money and I'll probably grab another pair of meermins but with a leather sole.   The quality of the leather is OK. It looks and feels a lot better after some decent sessions of using...
Yesterday's discussion of split toes made me get my Meermin's out from the back of the wardrobe. I've always thought they were a bit too light in colour and a bit too red. But I took to them with some dark brown and then a coat of black polish and I'm pretty happy with the results.
I think this has been asked before but does anybody have any recent experience with Austen Brothers shirts? They are coming in to work today and I'm keen to know if it is worth checking out their swatch book.
  As promised.       
I have a pair of the brown Aldwych's and I've been more than happy with them. My pair is coming up four years old and has been an absolute workhorse. Can take a pic later if you are keen to see how they age.
Thanks for that. Do you know when the sales start? We are there mid-June to mid-July.
    Hmmmm as somebody heading to Paris in June for a month with the better half this concerns me. Speaking of which, I will ask for tips again closer to the time but if anybody has any good suggestions for must visit menswear outlets in Paris please let me know.
Morning all    I'm weighing up a pair of shell cordovan shoes that have some surface scraping on the toe area. Does anyone have experience in how easy this sort of damage is to deal with in shell shoes?   Cheers.
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