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  Would you say the pictures on Endless are more representative to what you'd get?
@BFBFB: Thanks. I'm not a big fan of the brown for the neumok.   @rxcats: If if you are D size, you can get the Neumok on Endless for $200 after coupon (ends today) or lower with different cashback sites like ebates (13% for endless).
Long long time lurker! I'm trying to graduate from my "I'm a mac" style that I have sustained for way too long (middle-school to post college) to a less boring/more grownup style.
deets on shoes? TIA  
What's your opinions on the neumok as a casual shoes with jeans and cords/chinos? Also, does the sizing down, going up in width holds true on this unlined shoes compared to PA and strands? (from reading, seems not every models on the same last fit the same), on 5 last, i'm a 9.5e. I'll wear them with thin socks.   Thanks for your help.
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