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This should have been a "one-kill" answer thread going to the the hell did you guys come up with 3 pages of discussion
well, it's half a baby-step forward...
that's impossible.
@index1489: Thank you.
hmm, I see people talking about memorial day outlet sale, are there specific models on sale? Thanks for any help.
lol, totally wrong sub-forum...try here:   Jersey-shore look ain't Italian or French! ;)  
  Any models in mind?
hey guys i'm looking for some cognac blucher wingtips for less than $250. Any advice?
  It was the 2 for $200 sale at AE outlet (phone/email orders accepted) that happened at the beginning of May (ran for a week or so). Mixed of first and seconds. clearance is for the amok"1" (i.e. the ones that come in standard width only)
  haha, that's so ugly, but you got to love the owner's appreciation/loyalty for AE..."If I can't tie them, I'll strap 'em, but no one will take them away from me"
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