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  That's a great find...a unique pair, Google can't find it! Any chance you could share the seller?  It looks like a pair that should have come out for this spring/summer, but AE doesn't seem to like grey (no grey on AE website), which is too bad since they've got green, blue, red, what's wrong with grey...
[[SPOILER]]   Nice collection. Where did you get grey neumok?
Man, all these delicious guys are tempting the poor guy (me)in buying some. I guess i'll have to move forward my next app-o-rama.
So, quality wise, how's the classic collection compared to AE? It's much cheaper than AE if we are only talking retail price.
[[SPOILER]] Deets on shoes?
Any info on the Tent sale?
OP: Here's another one if you are really set on <$100 and black. w/ code "next20" it should be just under $100.
  Here you go (sorry for the quality, had a hard time finding the space to take better picture):
that's just...just...just....
  I heard you. I missed the AE bandwagon by 2-3yrs :( It seems the #3 last to be the closet to #0 last shape wise.
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