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Does the us website reflect the inventory of the store? Sizes are getting out of stock online, which is bizarre for a company that doesn't have e-commerce.
Quick q: Planning to buy the clifton, but length wise are they tts compared to PA and strands (which I have to size down)? TIA
  Thanks. Seems to be quite available online, just not at an attractive price.
@CDHagg: Nice outfit. Deets on monks?
I'm also wondering, does Nordstrom have any other AE on sale during the Anniversary period outside of the PA and strands?   @kidsampson: Yes, it will be online as well.
  People seem to favor the v-shape, but I like the "closed" shape better on oxfords. What size are you?
  Like you can get cashback with your credit card  (think 1% back on grocery, 3% on gas, etc...) , there are sites that specialize in that. You have to sign up on their site (free) and go through them before making the purchase on nordstrom, so that they "register" the transaction. Percentage vary from site to site, periods, etc. Here's a comparative for nordstrom:   for online purchases, outside of the ccs'...
What are you smoking? They have a German site and an American site...not sure where you're looking.
For those of you who have to size 1/2 down and up in width on the last 5, how does the last 8 fit?
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