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I don't know. Ask Siri.
[[SPOILER]] Beautiful! How's the 3 last compared to 5 last?
Quick question about the upcoming Nordstrom Sale. Do some AE sizes go oos online before the sale opens to the public (i.e. non Nordstrom cc holder)?
Donate them! No one will buy those here and ebay, you might make 10 bucks after fees and all. Might as well donate them.
  :lol: at least they are the same color. Someone was clearly wearing unfitted pants with those.
^^ that's some big loafers there.
OP: You should post a picture of your current style instead of sending it via pm to people. The goal of this forum is to share those experiences so that others in the same situation can learn as well. It's better than engaging in a private 1-on-1 discussion that makes this thread pointless.     Now...where's that $3,000 consultant...
I don't know, but out of curiosity why buying fake on purpose? What's the point?
Those are only good with graphic tee and faded/distressed jeans.
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