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I heard Nordstrom was clearing out AE to make place for EG...
[[SPOILER]] hmm, are those walnut strand in the picture? they look much darker than I would have thought.
This is too exciting to picture...
don't hate on my Monster
Well, I was going to suggest something, but I think there is enough space in your skull to put them in.   I still wonder how those 1-post noobs get here in the first place....I don't think there is any keywords in op's title that would put SF on top of google search results.
[[SPOILER]]   I like your choice of shoes. I also prefer the elongated last of AE. It's just too bad I don't wear suits for work, which seem to go better with the elongated, european style.
      It's all about endurance.
hmm, running shoes, trench coat, cowboy hat, and commando-style for the rest.
ripped jeans...wrong's the thread to ask your question: and you want to check the S&D section:
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