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Wish they were more Amoks in E for sale. Anyone knows if the handcrafted models are refundable? Like the Amok snuff in E width is handcrafted,3-5 week wait, doesn't that fall into special/custom order?
how's the fit of the 3 last compared to 5 last? run longer?
Looking at the larchmont, how's the fit of the last 3 compared to last 5? Im 9.5E in Strands. TIA
Used to have a GQ sub (for a couple of bucks through magazine discount sites) before knowing about SF and men's blog, pinterest boards, etc...Between the ads and shrinking men's style content, I'm glad I never paid full price for it. Now, I think that with forums like SF, blogs, and pinterest boards, you don't need a magazine at all. Grab a few rss feeds and you're set.
Those tricolor shoes w/ a different sole would make great bowling shoes!
  Do you size down/ width up on the 5 last?
  Has anyone else had this experience of changing lacing instead of increasing width for better fitting/less heel slippage? 9.5D strand that I tried were a bit tight on the instep (typical shoe shop lacing), but good heel and length wise. The 9.5E that I got were a bit loose on the heel (doesn't come out, but can feel a bit of wiggling), slightly tight on instep using criss-crossing, but fitted when using bar lacing.
Do they run as long as the PA/strands?
Just got my strand from Nordstrom (shipped from AE) and have a question for you guys: Should the heel of the shoe make full contact on the floor? (i.e. I put them on a table and only the very back of the heel makes contact) Moreover, there is some black stuff inside the shoes, much more visible on one shoe than the other. What is it? Thanks      
Anyone knows how's the sizing on the neumora 3 last compared to PA? I'm 9.5E on 5 last after sizing 1 down, width one up. TIA
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