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Yea both my shirts are semi-spread collar, non-ocbd. Really nice collar roll, mother of pearl buttons, tight single needle stitching. im very impressed by the workmanship overall
I've bought two shirts from Kamakura in slim fit and love them. After a couple washes, the shirts have broken in nicely and the fit is really great. The SA told me they do small batches of shirts in different patterns and cloths which come in around once a month so i've made a habit of stopping by just to see what they have whenever i'm in the area. 
great seller. thanks!
thanks for the tip. i'll give the rubber cement a try.
So I got a pair of Alden Indys in brown chromexcel a couple months ago. Recently i discovered I had caused a tear where theres now a flap of leather by the heel. Any ideas on what I can do for this? normally if i just press it down, it stays flat against the rest of the leather and im not all too concerned about the cosmetics... I believe boots are made for wearing. I'm more concerned about the longevity and water resistance of the leather. It looks like i could just use...
I spent some time chatting with a bespoke shoe maker when i visited Florence (her site and she was of the opinion that nails in the heels are purely decorative and do nothing for increasing longevity in the sole. She will add nails for the shoes she makes for display purposes but doesn't for any of the actual shoes for her clients.
The black park avenues and walnut strand were my first two purchases as well, and I have gotten great use out of them. I dont wear many suits (usually dress shirts and slacks + sport coat) for work and so my strands have seen much more wear than the park avenues. I have mixed feelings about wearing the strand with jeans myself. With some outfits i find that it works perfectly, but other times I feel that it is a bit too sleek for being worn with jeans despite the...
I've actually been looking around for brown suede captoes as well, this thread is really great. I had been considering going MTM with Meermin (which doesn't satisfy the easy to procure and return requirement OP asked) and was wondering for anyone with any knowledge how it would stack up against some of the other suggestions made in this thread. I'd be willing to pay up to $500, but would like to balance price and quality since i don't anticipate wearing suede captoes all...
Hi guys,   I've lurked on the site for over a year now, but finally decided to make an account and join. Feels good to finally post.
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