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:) thanks for your advice. i've never been to NC.
i use combination.
:) thanks you know i'm living in DC.  to go or not to go? it is a question for me. IT IS 280 Miles drive^^^^^^^^ that is why i want to know if it is worth a 5-hour-drive.
anybody been to AE outlet store in Tanger Outlet Mebane, North Carolina? i'm thinking of going there and check it out.
thanks a lot, i ordered brooks strand.
I'm selling a pair of boots on ebay for the very first time, opinions are welcomed:  
can anyone help me? besides, what is the "2 for 200" event? can i join it? many thanks.
question: are Brooks Strand or 5th ave look the same as AE strand or 5th ave? what about the quality? are they as good? i know the outsoles are different.  many thanks to the one who can help!
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