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yes. i have a pair of walnut players. they are tight than other shoes. the left one is tight but the right one fits me perfectly. i guess as i keep on wearing them, they will loosen up a bit. 
good! they look like players?
nice:) i think better not. they are dress boots. 
received the BB strand walnut 9D today, LOL!  they look good. the insole and outsole are bit different from AE strand. seems that there is a pad on top of the insole and the outsole is partly ruber as you can see in the following pictures. rubber is ideal for me cos my job involves lots of walk.  the only regret is that you cann't find any AE logo trace on BB strand.            i just started my accumulation, here is my little...
nice match! thanks for the info about BB shoes. they will be dilivered today:)
thanks for your info. it is strange i have to wait for sometime to post my next reply^^^^^^ i selected BB strand walnut. in the beginning i went for ae strand. but since it has leather outsole and my job does involving a lot of travelling, finally bought BB strand cos its outsole is partly rubber which is suitable for daily use. is that riight they have different outsole? i don't have them now. accoring to ups they will be here tomorrow.
thanks! what about"brooks strand"?
ah^^^^^ i wish i knew that i paid 170 for brooks strand last week, they will arrive tomorrow
I ordered a pair of brooks strand from the factory second list. What are the differences between factory second shoes and 2 for 200 shoes? Thanks.
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