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Very complete explanation:)
Brooks brothers strand is 169, not Allen Edmonds strand.
check out my previous posts you will see a few pictures of BB strand, which i think will help.
BB Strand are 15% off  $199, which comes to aorund  $169. i bought BB Strand Walnut and AE SanMarco. they are ideal for all-surface. thinking of getting a BB 5th Ave.
hi, when will be the  Brooks Brothers Semi Annual Sale?
Guys, HELP. my AE size is 9D. According to your experience, what is my Alden size then????
u r overreacting:) they look fine
Just PMed you twice.
for my BB strand, i don't see any obvious problem. only a shalow blemish close to the heel which i think can be restoreed by leather lotion stuff.
write an email to: shoebank@allenedmonds.com or call them @ (262) 284-7158 to get a list of the available AE shoes of your size. this is the contact info of Allen Edmonds Shoe Bank at the Factory, 201 East Seven Hills Road, Port Washington, WI 53074. you can buy factory seconds there. i just got a pair of BB strand which are $170. as for fifth avenue,  i think they are $200+.
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