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Hi guys, do you know about CJ Conisto boots. They are made on Last 325. Generally speaing, I go with Allen Edmonds 9D. Is CJ 9 on Last 325 running big or wide? Thanks a lot. 
Yep! Thanks.
  hi guys, the captoe lines of both boots are not symmetrical. do you think this is a problem? should i get an exchange? thanks for your advice.
:) thanks man. i went to AE retail store today and bought the saddle soap!
WOW. chinese site, LOL.  i'm chinese, working in the states. i'm really glad that people can buy AE shoes in China.  according to the site, a retail store will be opened in shanghai this coming december. i'm really curious about the price then.
yeah, it worked. i have the conditioner as well.
ok, thanks a lot! guess i'll pay a visit to the local AE retail store again:)
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