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I would go with RLBL or Indochino. From what I've seen Indochino seems like they know what they are doing. With RLBL you can see what you are getting and actually try on the suit. RLBL will also be easily recognizable by others should you decide to resell.   My experience with TaT isn't representative of what others rave about but here are my thoughts. I was measured by TaT in person in LA. My suit came about a month later. The jacket was a "mess" as my tailor put...
Ok these shoes look great. I have a couple of questions.   1. How do you determine your size? The only "real" dress shoe I own currently is the AE Park Avenue in 8D which fits well. 2. How would one go about recrafting/resoling/repairing the shoes a couple years down the line in the US?
Ok thanks. I'll call him Monday morning. Any suggestions on lapel width?  
I'm getting my first bespoke suit. I went in for my measurements for the first time today. Can I adjust the following during the basted fitting in one week or should I call right away and tell them I want to adjust these?   1. Widen the lapel from 2.5" to 2.75" or 3". Which would be better? I want an all-purpose suit (business, weddings, etc) that will stand the test of time, be appropriate for my build and not succumb to the vagaries of fashion. I'm thinking the...
When do the burnished brown Fifth Avenue's go on sale and for about how much? I hear a lot about the PA and Strand going on sale but in all the threads I've searched, I haven't seen the 5th Ave's on sale much.
This watch was discontinued (I believe in 2007) so pre-owned is the only way to get it. That's how I got mine.
There are some nice watches in this thread. I've been into watches long before I joined sf and here is my only luxury watch, the Omega SMP 2254.50. I hope to be improving my clothing game soon enough (just started with an MTM charcoal suit and black AE PA's).     And I just changed the strap today to a carbon.  
Thanks for that. I was doing it wrong! That's why I'm here at sf.  
The way I usually put on a tie is:   1. I button up the shirt all the way and fold up the collar (i.e. "pop the collar"). 2. Tie the tie around my neck. 3. Fold the collar back down over the tie.   My question is in step #3, is there a best practice when adjusting the collar back down? Oftentimes I find myself just crunching and moving the collar down and am concerned that my shirts might be getting slightly damaged from the inelegant way I'm doing this.
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