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Hey guys I just wanted to let anyone in Brisbane know Richards & Richards have a Sale up to 80% off in case anyone is interested. There is Borrelli & Isaia shirts down to $125. I might go in sometime this week and have a look around
I'm looking for some new skin care products for sensitive skin so I need products that are gentle and won't irritate my skin. I'm looking for basically everything (Cleanser, Exfoliating scrub, moisturizer, toner (idk if this is necessary?), shaving gel and anything else you guys recommend). My skin is sensitive like a mentioned but it's also prone to pimples however they are only mild. I'm a uni student so please don't recommend the crazy expensive products, I mean if...
Thinking of getting a getting a watch for uni next year, just something sleek and simple with a bit of class. The problem is I don't work full time since I'm about to go to uni so the budget will be around $300. Do you think it is even worth getting a watch at that price point? Or do most decent watches start at the $1k-5k range? Cheers
I also did well for Christmas got some great stuff :) However I think my favorite present was Emporio Armani underwear haha that may sound weird but I've been wearing CKs for ages and these are just levels above them! Completely recommend them to anyone who was considering getting them. Definitely going to get some tomorrow during the boxing day sales! Anyone in Brisbane know about any really good sales happening tomorrow?
Merry Christmas everyone :) Hope you all have a great Christmas!   Don't forget to post all your awesome Boxing Day sale pick ups ;)
Sorry haha didn't see it :) I'll go check it out now. Thanks
Hey guys I'm in the market for a new wallet. I want a nice slim and stylish wallet. Colour could be Black, Brown, Blue (Navyish). I would like one with an ID slot but I guess it's not necessary but it is preferred, coin purse wouldn't matter if it does or doesn't have one. I have 8 cards total that I use 2 of these are ID cards and the others are just important ones. I don't want to be spending too much, all suggestions are welcome :) Thanks, Jordon
What do you guys think about the Spring/Summer 100% cotton chinos at Country Road? $99 and they have a nice array of colours, they seem to fit me really nicely as well. Do you think they're worth it? If not is there a better option in Brisbane?
What's your favorite place to get your chinos guys? I'm looking for some really slim fitting chinos in various colours at a good price point. Any suggestions or personal favorites? :) Thanks
Kent Wang white linen pocket square arrived today :) very beautiful! Paid $23 including shipping and easily would have paid $50+ in Brisbane city for something similar. Very happy with it :) Highly recommended 
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