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Now that Uniqlo has a better online store in Australia I was curious what people still recommend from them. I know their socks are popular around here at the moment (is there a specific one that's really good or is it more just in general?) but do people still buy any basic tees from there?
Hey guys I was looking for a quick few recommendations on socks? I previously was pretty fond of Happy Socks but lately I've been finding they're too thin for my liking. I'll head into the city tomorrow and look at the Paul Smith, Pantherella, Falke and whatever else I can find. I was just wondering if anyone was willing to share their thoughts/some of their favourites? I think I'd prefer cotton socks I just like them on the slightly thicker side. Cheers
 Haha I'm sorry! I completely blanked for a second and forgot to include the fact I was pairing them with a navy suit (probably on the darker side since I know navy is a very broad term lately) and black shoes/beltAlso no sure on anything about my pocket square at the moment
So I was thinking of either wearing a white shirt or pink (poplin or with a subtle white houndstooth) shirt and pairing it with a red, burgundy or navy knit tie for a semi-formalish occasion and just wanted to get a few opinions on what people think of any of these?
Also I was a wondering if anyone had recommendations for other brands to look at that have shirts that fit similar to Herringbone for the same price or lower? I have one white shirt from Herringbone that I got a couple of years ago and still to date it's the best fitting and slimmest shirt I've been able to find OTR. 
I was initially under the impression it was black tie but apparently formal events at uni are more just suit and tie for men, formal dress for women. So the majority of people won't be wearing a tux or even a dinner jacket. I just wanted something nice to pair with my navy suit that's not casual and sits a little below black tie (hence the Navy suit I guess)
Haha I'm 3rd year uni so I'm 20 but your point is definitely still valid.As for Navy colour combos at a formal event, for shirts the main choices would be white, light blue or light pink right? So it'll mainly be the tie/pocket square choices that'll add the variety?
Hahaha sorry I didn't know sharing height was so strange lately, things must have changed it used to be a standard inclusion! Yeah you pretty much nailed it. I'm basically fit with no bulk I just didn't want to say skinny since my shoulders are fairly broad and my waist is really narrow. I included  that as the athletic part since it's really hard finding dress shirts just in case anyone was going to recommend some brands to check out.
Hey guys I have a uni ball coming up in about 2 weeks give or take. I'm planning on wearing a navy suit with black shoes/belt (up for debate). I just wanted to get a few ideas on colour combinations. I know for a formal event a simple black tie would probably be most suited but I wanted something a little different. Previously I've paired it with a grey glencheck tie so probably want to stay away from that as well. I just wanted heaps of possible ideas for example standard...
Hey guys I just wanted to let anyone in Brisbane know Richards & Richards have a Sale up to 80% off in case anyone is interested. There is Borrelli & Isaia shirts down to $125. I might go in sometime this week and have a look around
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