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PM sent.
I've got a pair of rescues going on 5 months now, no soaks or washes. Still no smell or even any dirt.
I commute everyday on my roadbike, which is an 80's vintage Schwinn Prelude, back when Schwinn still made real bikes. While it's not as fancy as new bikes, it's still got all it's original components, Columbus steel frame, and the like. I'll try to take a picture later.
Another recommendation for Stel's on Newbury, when I was in Boston a few weeks ago I stopped in and picked up a pair of rogans. They had plenty of APCs and NdG as well. Very nice selection and very helpful.
I believe that is a Surface 2 Air Paris bomber jacket, 100% cotton. Like this, but black-
Double post, sorry.
EDIT- Posted the LL bean engineer boot, but forgot about the steel toe. Apologies!
Just got a pair of black Frye Brandos in from zappos to go with my Surface to Air trench. I can't believe how much I had to size down, I'm normally a 14 or 14.5 depending on the manufacturer, but these are a 13 and theres still a bit of room. They look great though.
Does anyone have any suggestions for boots similar to the Red Wing Gentleman Travelers? I absolutely love them, but the biggest size I can find is a 12, and I wear a 14 US. I also saw these,, but they're really not the same. Any suggestions for places to look, and thoughts on the boots above?
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Picked this up as an early X-mas present to myself. What brand is that? I like that style a lot.
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