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Whenever it's really slushy or snowy I've got my pair of LL Bean engineer boots. Very comfortable, surefooted, and waterproof. They look pretty cool too, in a more rugged sort of way.
I'm 6'6, 36 waist, with 27" thighs from cycling and being lazy. I have a pair of Rogan raw selvage jeans that fit me suprisingly well. Straight fit, pretty relaxed through the thighs, and good quality. Got them from Stel's in Boston.
First time doing this, apologies for the shitty lighting/quality.
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Damn, which one? I originally wanted to get the Frontline jacket, but they were out of the black in my size, so Nate recommended the SJ jacket in black. It should be here next week, and I'll take pictures then. Amazing price and service from Nate over at Secret Service, I must say.
Just ordered a nice collective jacket from Secret Service, no pics unfortunately.
Just like to throw another good word in for the guys over at Secret Service. I've been emailing back and forth with Nate about some Nice Collective stuff, and he's been an absolute pleasure to deal with. Prompt replies and extremely helpful. I'll probably end up picking up a nice collective jacket and some hamiltons from them in a few days.
PM sent.
I've got a pair of rescues going on 5 months now, no soaks or washes. Still no smell or even any dirt.
I commute everyday on my roadbike, which is an 80's vintage Schwinn Prelude, back when Schwinn still made real bikes. While it's not as fancy as new bikes, it's still got all it's original components, Columbus steel frame, and the like. I'll try to take a picture later.
Another recommendation for Stel's on Newbury, when I was in Boston a few weeks ago I stopped in and picked up a pair of rogans. They had plenty of APCs and NdG as well. Very nice selection and very helpful.
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