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Leave the shorts + tights for when you're on a bike.
Quote: Granted, Surefire flashlights, Spyderco knives and spare magazines have rather sharp features but frankly I expected more durability out of an expensive pair of jeans (they normally go for $200+). So, what is it you do on the weekends? But on the topic at hand, I've never owned nudies but I do wear a pair of APCs very frequently. After only 6 months the crotch had completely worn through in two separate large holes. The denim quality is...
Some RRL slim bootcuts in a sand/wheat color, on clearance and then for an additional 75% at an outlet near me. Pretty awesome to see that 365 retail go down to 50.
I've got the waxed LL bean vest, and I absolutely love it. You'll definitely have to size down, so if you're a small guy already it might not be an option. It does have a waist drawstring to help with the shape, though. You can always get one and return it if the size is no good, nice thing about bean.
PM sent.
Hard2Fit was an excellent seller, very quick to respond and everything was in order.
Beautiful, can't wait to see the measurements on them.
Quote: Originally Posted by Spencer Barton Perreira Two former Oliver Peoples execs. Great styles, lenses, quality, etc. I'm surprised they haven't caught on more here. I was actually just looking at a pair of frames from them today. Really beautiful in person, great construction and very tasteful detailing. No visible branding or gross logos, like 90% of frames these days.
I would love to do a triathlon, but unfortunately with my recent ankle surgery I don't know if I'll be able to do the running section without killing myself.
Mackintosh for NdG from FW07.
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