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Yeah, the top feels VERY tight, but I can also feel my toes being crunched (pushed down AND back) quite a bit, especially when I walk.This is, almost always, a clear sign of poor fit, but I wanted to be sure. How would you compare the fit of the 110 last to the 2040? I saw in the photos that the 110 looks almost as long and roomy as the 2040 in a full size larger! Thanks for the info (and the photos)!
  Very well, looks like I'll do that. The advice is much appreciated!
Thanks for the advice Skell!
Hey guys, So this week I received my first two Vibergs. Stoked as to how great they are. The finishing and attention to detail is like nothing I've seen before in workboot-inspired footwear!   The service boots (2030) fit quite well. These are in waxed flesh. I'm now eyeing a similar pair, but in chromexcel. Everything else is exactly the same between the two styles.   Would you recommend going with the same size, or half down? I'm wondering because in my...
[[SPOILER]] Interestingly, today I received mine, in black.I feel they are too small (the toe area in my left foot feels really tight, not just snug!), but I'm wondering if they will break in and get better.What's your experience in breaking these in? By the way, while the toe shape is much rounder than the 2030 last, I was surprised as to how much shorter they are at the same size. The 2040 is almost like they took the 2030 and chopped the tip off!
OK. Thanks Jon!
 They look really great!I remember reading somewhere that the William sold by Zuriick did not have a celastic toebox.Otherwise, how firm (stiff) is the toe area from the outside? I'm not particularly fond of a collapsing toebox!
Thanks qubit! I assume the order was placed not online, but by phone or email? I can't find the option for waxed flesh anywhere.
[[SPOILER]]  Those are fantastic! Can you tell us about the specs?Is that brown waxed flesh? I was looking at the custom options both in the Nicks website as well as through Baker's and didn't see that leather, so I'm assuming it's the "chocolate smooth"?
I see. Thanks Kahuna!
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