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Yes. Excellent customer service. They replied to all my emails (in English) very promptly.Shipping was really fast (2 days), but I think it was a pair they had over here when they were in NYC, or some deal like that. I ordered the snuff suede boots. I didn't mind the GYW, since it actually looks very good.I was stunned at how nice and comfortable the 160 last is.At the time they had a one-time new customer discount. Not sure if they still do.
Thanks Kahuna!I'm 9.5 or 10 depending on the last. But the unstructured is a no go for me --- I know that boondockers traditionally are unstructured, but I was hoping!
I almost feel guilty that everytime I post here, is to ask a question! :-)   Those of you who have purchased or seen the current Club Monaco Boondocker: http://www.clubmonaco.com/product/index.jsp?productId=66437006   What last is that? Looks like either 2040 or 2045.   Is the toe structured?   Is Club Monaco listing actual Viberg sizes, or are they giving some "conversion"?   Thanks!
       Thanks friends. I feel confident now as to my possible next purchase!
I know this has been discussed before, but I've never felt confident as to a consensus: There's been some talk about shell boots being lasted a bit larger due to the nature of the shell leather (possibly because it's more water resistant, so it doesn't take to the steam so well during the lasting process?)   Those of you owning Indy boots in both shell and non-shell. Do you go with exactly the same size, or a half size smaller in shell?   Thanks!
  I still cannot say, with 100% certainty, that those are made by Nicks. But the construction similarities, especially to the Nicks Hawk Americana (a 5" boot with a one-piece heel stay), and the look of the stitchdown, are very telling:http://www.instagram.com/p/3Ky8uPgf9L/http://www.instagram.com/p/0rKOHTgf51/ Interestingly, Nicks doesn't appear to be offering the Hawk Americana for sale any more. They were just a few months ago, but were removed from their site. I wonder...
If I'm not mistaken, those are made by Nicks Boots.Notice that those are a preorder, and they indicate production time is 8-12 weeks.If you visit the Nicks Boots thread right here on SF, you will hear of several stories, recently, of wait times exceeding 20 weeks.Having said that, I've seen Nicks' boots in person, and construction is very sturdy and hefty.
Thanks linafelt! Still don't know if I'll place the order, but I'll probably go with the same size as 2030.
Another sizing post! Well, I spent about a half hour searching SF, and combing over this thread, but there's very little info about 310 sizing. I guess it's not surprising considering how rare 310 makeups are.   Those of you owning 310's, would you go with the same size as the 2030, or as the 110? I know that some people go with the same size across all Viberg lasts, but there are some who go a half size down for the 110 (I'm one of them! :-)   I was looking at...
Yeah, the top feels VERY tight, but I can also feel my toes being crunched (pushed down AND back) quite a bit, especially when I walk.This is, almost always, a clear sign of poor fit, but I wanted to be sure. How would you compare the fit of the 110 last to the 2040? I saw in the photos that the 110 looks almost as long and roomy as the 2040 in a full size larger! Thanks for the info (and the photos)!
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