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^ I would add 0.2" to the first 7 items to be on the safe side. 
big changes ahead so need to repriortise. A lot can happen in 15months. To anyone wanting a black calf leather and/or daypack, pm me. 
@Spazz @Distorbiant - pm'ed you with september 2013 spot 
TOJ Daypack spot for sale - $385 USD (cost price)
patiently waiting on the size grading 
2 spots for sale. 1 daypack and 1 black calf leather (you pick DR, MDR, or BCDR)
Thanks all.  Choices, choices, choices...
vanson preferred but any sample would be good. Unfortunately I lack imagination and struggling to visualise it. I'm assuming single piece back has no seams other than the waist band seam. 
any sample images of jackets with a single piece back? 
Horween CXL Front Quarter Horsehide....WOW!
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