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 If i'm interpreting this correctly, are you saying because the restaurant is in the process of being sold, we the people who have lost money to DK, have also lost any sort of leverage against him? Well that's the way I am interpreting it and I want to make sure others on this thread does not believe that for one second. If anything, its probably the ideal time to do and continue to use the restaurant as a means of getting a reaction out of DK to ensure he fulfill his...
ThanksDo you find it hard to move your arms when the jacket is zipped?
It's Definitely the size for you and thanks for the fit pics.Btw, what is your chest measurement?When the jacket is zipped, you can see it pinches too much around the chest area. Do you think you could wear a light sweater underneath and still zip it up? Can you move your arms comfortably while it is zipped or is do you experience constriction around the upper back area?Chest could do with 0.5 or 0.75 extra IMO.I also think upper arm/bicep measurement should be the same as...
The upper arm/bicep also looks slimmer on the blue Junya compared to Daredevil. I don't think it was just the shoulders that were changed.
Are you sure it wasn't a lamb mdr you are comparing to? The TOJ calf shouldn't have veins.
Even if he did ask, I don't think they will get taken down this time until drew delivers on a drastic scale. Don't forget that neg reviews were posted before, drew responded and out of decency, they were taken down. And poof, he vanished again and the train stopped. We will keep going around this merry go round. This time I think it's gonna take more than words.
Anyone care to share more fit pics?
July 2013 DR order here. Hope this makes September and October peeps feel better
Sorry about those pockets. I hope drew fixes it. Why are there so many manufacturing faults?I also haven't heard from drew for 2 leather orders.
count me in for a slim, long bodied A2 
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