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Keep the unofficial TOj gallery. Customers are using this as a evidence/reference for charge back cases as well as other proceedings. A new falcon gallery (nest) can be created or just a photo page on www.falcongarmentsco.com
Very nice. Any chance for a fit pic?
Just to clarify, is the 1.4mm referring to lamb, calf or both? Also is the thick heavy calf that was used previously available?Ta
 Front facing zippers on the DR 2013 also please
Any plans to add this dr (with sleeve zippers on side) to list next week as well as women's bcdr?
^ what size is that?
DAYUM!The price to pay for doing a few push ups.
Blue floral is amazing! Just wished it came with a 21.25" chest.
I also do not mind the collar gap. If they can work out the wrinkle on the bottom lapel that has the 2 hardware studs and make a size between ML and L, then that would be awesome!
to clarify, my expectations is that that if i ordered chest of 21.5 and it comes to 21.25 or 21.75 across then its ok. If it was made to 21 instead of 21.5 as ordered, well that would be tight for me and not ok. its a tricky one because 0.25 tolerance has a different impact depending on where its applied. 0.25 smaller in pit width has a bigger impact on me than 0.25 in sleeve length or elbow width for example.
New Posts  All Forums: