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Veiny. leather scraps used to make by products
Issue is consistent date format isn't used. Some use month - day, and some use day - month.
I can already see a user on the spreadsheet misstating when they placed the order. Either an honest mistake of trying to jump the queue.
 Agreed 21.5 doesn't wear exactly as 21.5 on another jacketCustomers between the sizes of XS and ML are benefited and have the option to size up without concerning themselves of compromise to fit and style. The problem is that ML customers do not have the same privilege to size up because the difference between an ML and L is almost 2 sizes between.ML might work with just a tshirt. But such a slim chest takes away the option to layer during winter. I would like the option...
I thought margin of error was 0.25. 0.5 equates to an inch all the way around so quite large change IMO i'd be happy with 21.25 or 21.5 chest and leave everything as is. I was just providing options to other measurements for consideration, so that it doesn't distract from vanson's x TBs desired look they wanted to achieve. As i understand just changing the chest isn't as simple as it sounds, and that's why vanson doesn't accommodate it (per TB's feedback)
 I think they would consider changing it depending on number of feedback.Ideally ML would be:shoulder: 17.5, 17.75 or 18chest: 21 or 21.25Mid: 19.25 or 19.5waist: 19.5 or 19.75
 well i reached out to the user that claimed to have gotten a refund. I requested if he could kindly provide me the name of the supervisor he spoke to at paypal, although he wasn't clear whether he got his money back from paypal or direct with his card company.I have yet to hear from him
 My point is that its normal that formal employees be factored in the case. That's it. I can not control how others have approached this, which unfortunately has resulted in attacks to your integrity. Daniel was on the ground. Does he not have 1 to 1 contact with Drew? Something doesn't add up that's what I'm not getting. And when things don't add up, integrity, naturally takes a decline. Until Daniel gets questioned, we will never know what his answers will be. I don't...
If we can't find Drew and prosecute, I don't want members here to think our efforts will go to waste. Even though the likelihood of getting our money or jackets is extremely low, our actions will impact Drew.   It may lead to freezing of his accounts, impact to his credit rating which will impact him in gaining any future employment, business venture, loans, property acquisition (renting or buying).  There is a solid paper trail from us to his paypal account which would...
Many of us are frustrated and if the shoe was on the other foot Charly, I think you also would factor former employees in the case in attempt to try and understand the events within.   You are based thousands of miles away from the operations, you don't have the privilege of seeing the operations but its difficult for me to comprehend how this issue may not have been known and alerted to us much earlier on by those on the ground, i.e. Dan.   You seem to vouch for Dan...
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