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Case of the TOJ curse.  Wool Ma-1 arrived Feb 2014 but length was 1 inch short.  4 months later the replacement arrives and length is again 1 inch short  
For the ladies, is gold YKK excella zips an option for the wallet? Mrs is after some 'bling'
i'm in for (in no particular order):   1. Backpack 2. Oxford shirts 3. TOJ 1 2011 or TOJ 2010 winter varisty - Raglan! 4. A-2 Bomber 2011 - an updated version of some sort as a last hurraahhh. Maybe pay homage to original WWII design and offer in calf as well like the good old days?  5. Fishtail parka 6. Peacoat - with slightly shorter length & without the bell bottom sleeves? Just a suggestion.
Is army green / olive the logical (signature) colour for an MA-1 regardless of fabric? Hint: YES.
Have you asked Charly if the wool ma-1 comes in army green? That would be quite unique. 
I am waiting to hear back from them.
Anyone receive my black wool ma1 sz 50 with 25" body length? If so, I have yours with 24".
Stock 50 black wool ma-1 on offer. Skip the 6month wait time. PM ME!
Lets hope the measurements I ordered are on point given the delay. 
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