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one year here as well. Farkin ridiculous.  
ooohhh ability to put in a custom order would be awesome!!! But I didn't think it was possible. My understanding was that this would be use a template and only simple changes could be applied such as:- removal of upper sleeve zip pocket- add belt- increase length of body/sleeves only
Aren't the huge sleeve openings just because the guy is wearing it unzipped? If it's zipped, hopefully it comes to 5 inches across
Since another sample is being made, what's everyone's thoughts on straightening the waist hem line to make it like this Junya vanson jacket
Completely agree and i'm talking from experience. The revised S and M's are good. More fit pics please. Side profile plus I want to see a better pic of what collar looks like. I prefer not to assume that its a 'junya' collar.    
 Thanks for this. I like the revised measurements! Would love it even more if sz M p2p = 21.5" and shoulder2shoulder = 18"  To confirm, is the shoulder measurement being measured from the front of back? For sz S and M, what are the waist measurements?
Agree with most that measurements/ fit is fine. It just seems that this sample is more like an XL, so it's causing some confusion as I thought sample was going to be made for LA guy who is more like an L (38/40). A sizing chart would help here If you really wanted to, take 0.2 off the shoulders but not more than that.
i'm a bit dyslexic so bear with me. 
In regards to aesthetics, overall great jacket! My thoughts are below but they are very very minor:   1. hardware on collars - there is 2 silver snaps on the lower left lapel.  Can we keep it as 1? 2. zipper pulls - the little rings pulley things, any other options to this? They just hang out     Would like to see some pics of the jacket unzipped as well as the shape of the collar so perhaps a pic of collar snapped down. Cheers
This jacket resembles closer to the TB x SF x Vanson. Just remove the belt and change the zip placements a bit. Its from the same 2007 collection and comparing it to the other style a couple of posts up, the length on this jacket seems shorter as well as a bit slimmer in the waist.  Which makes me wonder, does 'Junya' sizing/measurements differ between styles?       
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