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Great jacket. I see it is a sz ML. It would be great if you could provide some feedback on fit in particular chest and shoulders and your chest measurement.Thanks in advance.
 Cheers champ. i've now started noticing that most of my suits are 'spalla cadente morbida'. So Charly, when you release the DR2013 (Falcon DR3 perhaps), please confirm in the specs if it will be set in sleeve or like a shirt sleeve.Also back in the heyday, womens jackets were priced lower. Please confirm prices for womens sizes. Ta
 agreed on both accounts - heavy calf/horse ma-1 with full placket would be superb! On the zipper front, aluminium teeth and excella options would be great additions and then just leave as that. I don't think the mens jackets need excella but womens jackets with the bling that excella provides would compliment it well. 
Eagerly awaiting 2013 DR or electric blue DR which I posted earlier (similar to lewis cyclone).  In anticipation of them can you help confirm how the shoulders will be made on these. The DR1 shoulder seam pops up a bit as it joins to the body of the jacket, where as the 2013 DR and the electric blue DR shoulder joins a bit more flush with a light bordering design. Some may consider it a small detail but I personally prefer how the shoulder joins on the 2013/electric blue...
Keep the unofficial TOj gallery. Customers are using this as a evidence/reference for charge back cases as well as other proceedings. A new falcon gallery (nest) can be created or just a photo page on
Very nice. Any chance for a fit pic?
Just to clarify, is the 1.4mm referring to lamb, calf or both? Also is the thick heavy calf that was used previously available?Ta
 Front facing zippers on the DR 2013 also please
Any plans to add this dr (with sleeve zippers on side) to list next week as well as women's bcdr?
^ what size is that?
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