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Mid Jan has come and gone
Was this made by toj?
This could have been a legit argument if he had not advertised at the time of sale a photo of the back pack that had no pebble grain. He also can't argue to say the photo was a 'sample' because he advertised a previous customer modelling the product, which also had no pebble grain.He advertised it as TOJ calf, and having owned a toj calf leather before, I can assure you there's no pebble to it.He did the same with with the wool MA-1 at one point where buyers received a...
For those that challenge the TOJ way (no communication, changed specs, no quality control or no reconciling order details with actual products made before shipping), TOJ will add insult to injury by scribbling the value on the customs declaration, making difficult for customs agent to figure out the value and charge you import duties.    In my case, its £48 ($75USD)   My daypack is held at customs until I pay the fee for a product which probably has specs different to...
Have emailed TOJ demanding the next batch of day packs be made according to specs and photos as drew advertised below (no pebble leather shit or other design / fabric changes).
good thing it's just $385 USD 
I agree, I don't think its a small change either. They initially used unglazed goat, then swapped to smooth TOJ calf (not sure if this was half weight or heavy calf) for more durability and perhaps better structure and they advised of this change. This pebble leather came out of nowhere. 
Well its clear they are using a different leather from earlier daypacks. I've never heard of TOJ using pebbled calf/cow leather before for any product and my issue is with the change in spec without informing the buyers, regardless of how small a change one may perceive this to be.  If the switch in leather was done for a reason, it would be good to know why. Otherwise I'm expecting Drew to repeat history and using this as an excuse as to why the next batch daypacks will...
Doesn't look like calf skin.
I received an email 2 months ago saying my leather jacket was done (July 2013 order). Still no sign of it.    Then there was the daypack update, so I figured they were just holding out and would ship my daypack + jacket in one package in attempt to save costs. Still nada (I paid for daypack around a day after it was made available)    Shipping cost is built into the price of each individual product, so if my jacket is done, SHIP IT ALREADY! Or let me know that the...
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