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Stock 50 black wool ma-1 on offer. Skip the 6month wait time. PM ME!
Lets hope the measurements I ordered are on point given the delay. 
Just got tracking. ordered 31st July - wool ma-1 + womens bcdr. Have no idea if both jackets are included or just 1 of them. 
^ also increase the length, but you may prefer it that way. 
4.75 should be fine. If its a DR and you plan on wearing cuff zipped most of the time,  just be wary that there is a leather fold that protrudes inwards and cuts into your 'free space' between your wrist the fabric. That's probably why Charly recommended no less than 5", to cater for that fold and this was based on a sz 48. I probably could do with a 4.75, but at the expense of comfort.   
IMO, I find TOJ stock sizing for cuffs to be quite large (using a DR as an example). With pit and elbow measurements being quite slim, I prefer that slim profile to follow through. Charly has recommended to me 5" and nothing less, so i stick with 5, rather than the 5.6 as per stock sz 48. Thats 5" across while sleeve is zipped up (not unzipped).     
snap on the lapel on the BCDR is available for those that want it.  
^ agree lamb. What model jacket is that? 
Sorry Charly for all the measurement changes. We finally got there! If anyone needs tips on self-restraint, embrace your inner Charly.  
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