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Thanks all.  Choices, choices, choices...
vanson preferred but any sample would be good. Unfortunately I lack imagination and struggling to visualise it. I'm assuming single piece back has no seams other than the waist band seam. 
any sample images of jackets with a single piece back? 
Horween CXL Front Quarter Horsehide....WOW!
its worth it if it was $60 in total. I think i need to add the shipping cost back to them (another $60), plus the taxes/duties i'd get charged (another $60-$100) because it would be shipped insured with the value stated as $700, so i'd get taxed on $700. 
daypack spot still for sale. PM me.
^ thank you. Love that proposal. 
Those overseas unfortunately can't benefit from this or it will come at an additional cost to us. 
what are the waist measurements for the sz M and L for the 'slim'? 
Darn. I thought Medium was 21.75". These measurements keep changing....
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