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 Can epaulettes be made optional? If not done right, they could end up standing up too high. Would prefer not to take the risk.   
Hi. Would you mind posting some pics of your calf leather please. Is this the 'new' calf falcon is supplying which is meant to be softer? The old calf (which is available on request) was tough as nails and had a sheen to it.Thanks.
belted DR is to have front facing zippers, which was mentioned a while back. Embrace front zips 
 As i understand they offer 2 types of calf.The thick heavy version as of old (per your photo). This is upon request and I don't know the actual thickness but the jackets are heavy, weighing around 2 - 2.5kgsAnd the new softer calf at 1.3mm or 1.4mm (upon request). No photos of a jacket made in this leather is available yet.
What are the prices for womens jackets? They were cheaper back in the day. As there is no stock size chart for womens jackets, they would have to be MTM but would the charge apply to them in that case?
Whats the difference between @closer21 and the journalist on this thread asking for volunteers to go on record. Aren't they both matey boys with DK? 
front sleeve zips makes that jacket next level! Now where is that 2013DR with front zips????
I would like to get on the wait list for dr3 (dr2013). Was expecting it last week. Will you be releasing this week?
 A thorough review would be appreciated. I think the term quality should not be limited to just leather (the material used) but also the cut, making and styling of jacket (tailoring aspect)- quality of leather (thickness, supple or toughness if calf, veins/wrinkles, colour, etc)- quality of manufacture/tailoring (measurements and specs received as ordered, proportionate zipper placements, lapel cut and sizing proportions in respect to DR's - not much an issue with DR1 or...
Charly, could we see a sample jacket in this new calf leather? 
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