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why would it be a bad idea? no gussets have been featured on this vanson model and the back design looks similar to the daredevil. 
unless more members here like the idea of adding a belt and removing shoulder gussets. Whos in?
899 is fine if you are buying stock. Its when you start making customisations that you start feeling the pinch of the price hike.  I'm hoping things like removing chest zip,  top sleeve zip or shoulder gussets has no cost as there is less materials being used and less labour. Although I have no idea what goes into making a jacket so i could be wrong.
 I was actually hoping to increase the shoulders, not tighten further. The customisation i was after was to add a belt and remove the shoulder gussets to make it more a 'fashion jacket'.However as the shoulders have been tightened so much on the daredevil already, without the shoulder gussets it would compromise on comfort and arm movement. By increasing the shoulders by 0.75inches for example should help overcome this issue.  This is assuming that removing shoulder...
We've had a lot of inquiries about potential customizing of the Daredevil and the Derby.  Here are the prices for the basic custom options:   Daredevil Sleeve length change--$90.00 Body length change--$90.00 Liner change--$90.00   Derby Shoulder width change--$90.00 Body length change--$90.00 Sleeve length change--$90.00 Liner change--$90.00   is Shoulder width change available on the daredevil? please say it is so
yes. still waiting on confirmation
Your welcome. Just cause dan and Charly aren't around doesn't mean Drew doesn't owe the same duty of care to us. I've experience the same issues with toj before and in my latest email to Drew I've asked him to acknowledge that he do a quality check of my jacket before shipping it out. It's in his best interests as well to do this and I would encourage everyone hear to ask the same of him. However I'm still yet to hear from Drew after almost 3 weeks. I think I read that...
Half an inch off width measurements is a problem.Length might be less of an issue depending if it's body or sleeve.Drew should accept the return and make u a new one. That's what they have done in the past. Hopefully he responds and provides you with instructions. THEY SHOuld also refund you the shipping cost to send back.
The waist hem looks scalloped IMO. When zipped up, the point wher the front zipper falls is noticeably lower than wher the side seams finish, creating a scalloped look?
I also am hoping that straight hem is an option
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