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Jacket looks fine. I would take 0.5" off the shoulders and sleeve length and 0.2" off the sleeve width at pit.
 I agree, shoulders are too small for a jacket with P2P of 22.75.  Shoulders should be in the range of 18.75 to 19". Looking forward to seeing the fit pics, especially of one with the jacket zipped up. 
whats the chest measurement for an L?
I'm confused. What happened to sz M p2p = 21.75 and s2s = 18.25? @Thurston Bros For the avoidance of doubt, please complete the below table.   MEASUREMENTS (Standard) 32 34 36 38 40 42 44 shoulders, back               chest (pit-to-pit)               waist               body length, front               body length, back               sleeve length, from...
daypack spot for sale. PM me. 
^ yup thats exactly what it is. They have given an idea on what the measurements will be on the revised sample. What would be nice is a guide on how they take their measurements. E.g. is length taken front the front or back and from what points? is the shoulder measured from the front or back? Is take pit across from seam to seam or do you lie the jacket completely flat in which case sometimes you measure just past the seams. 
They ship internationally. I confirmed with them a few weeks back (outside of this thread)
one year here as well. Farkin ridiculous.  
ooohhh ability to put in a custom order would be awesome!!! But I didn't think it was possible. My understanding was that this would be use a template and only simple changes could be applied such as:- removal of upper sleeve zip pocket- add belt- increase length of body/sleeves only
Aren't the huge sleeve openings just because the guy is wearing it unzipped? If it's zipped, hopefully it comes to 5 inches across
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