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Well its clear they are using a different leather from earlier daypacks. I've never heard of TOJ using pebbled calf/cow leather before for any product and my issue is with the change in spec without informing the buyers, regardless of how small a change one may perceive this to be.  If the switch in leather was done for a reason, it would be good to know why. Otherwise I'm expecting Drew to repeat history and using this as an excuse as to why the next batch daypacks will...
Doesn't look like calf skin.
I received an email 2 months ago saying my leather jacket was done (July 2013 order). Still no sign of it.    Then there was the daypack update, so I figured they were just holding out and would ship my daypack + jacket in one package in attempt to save costs. Still nada (I paid for daypack around a day after it was made available)    Shipping cost is built into the price of each individual product, so if my jacket is done, SHIP IT ALREADY! Or let me know that the...
What do zippers have to do with a persons ability to log into paypal and process refunds?
i don't think the addresses were for Charly but for Drew.  Charly saying 30 bags got shipped but tracking was not sent = Drew (or whoever is doing the shipping in Korea) CBF emailing.
I asked for thick lamb for the mrs BCDR. They couldn't guarantee it so went with calf.
updated the spreadsheet
i thought TOJ was not allowing the sale of spots anymore. 
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