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burberry prorsum VS saint laurent? I vote burberry
Could the below be options at the time of order? 1 Add waist belt 2 remove bicep zip
Black Calf MDR - sz 47-48. This is a one off piece, exceptionally rare jacket. Specs as follows:> 4 snaps on collar> no banding on waist and sleeves> scallop hem like 2010DR> no shoulder gussets> Back has one middle seam with no panelling My loss, your gain. It has been worn outside once and is in as new condition. I've tried it on several times indoors at my house to try and break it in, which it has a little, however i'm too lazy to loose the weight needed for this to...
 Shouldn't have to compromise. As a customer, I've done my part which is select the product, select the stock size and specify lengths and pay the monies. Just need the seller to deliver on the contract. This is more than a full size off what I ordered and does not give the look I was after. Anyways, this is just me venting and reasonably so since this is the 2nd time round. Perhaps its a case of 3rd time lucky. I'm sure it will be resolved, hopefully quicker this time. 
Positive. I asked for a stock size with added body length. I have received stock size.....twice. I'm sure they will do whats right to fix it, as they did the first time. The 4 month wait for the replacement is what concerns me.  
Case of the TOJ curse.  Wool Ma-1 arrived Feb 2014 but length was 1 inch short.  4 months later the replacement arrives and length is again 1 inch short  
For the ladies, is gold YKK excella zips an option for the wallet? Mrs is after some 'bling'
i'm in for (in no particular order):   1. Backpack 2. Oxford shirts 3. TOJ 1 2011 or TOJ 2010 winter varisty - Raglan! 4. A-2 Bomber 2011 - an updated version of some sort as a last hurraahhh. Maybe pay homage to original WWII design and offer in calf as well like the good old days?  5. Fishtail parka 6. Peacoat - with slightly shorter length & without the bell bottom sleeves? Just a suggestion.
Is army green / olive the logical (signature) colour for an MA-1 regardless of fabric? Hint: YES.
Have you asked Charly if the wool ma-1 comes in army green? That would be quite unique. 
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