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That's great news! Any estimates on how long it takes to complete production and for the full size run to arrive on your doorstep?  
MDR vs DR are completely different jackets IMO. but if you are happy with an MDR, keep it. If not, return it or sell it. Selling might be the better way to go and get the vanson x TB for your DR fix
given drew's recent track record of issuing refunds due and almost non existing communication, you can understand our skepticism. 
This is ridiculous. Do we have SF members from this forum based in Seoul? You all know what i'm getting at.  
85 weeks. Setting records here. 
i agree that this is unacceptable (so is 70 weeks or anything above the 4 month lead time they initially gave). However my credit card company will not look into this given how much time has lapsed (i won't be using Mastercard again, seems Visa or AMEX gives better support in such instances) Mine is a DR model (unreleased model/electric blue one featured on JC website but in black calf + silver excella zips) -  which Drew in his last update said would be delivered early...
83 weeks (580 days). Feels like a jail sentence, but just don't know how long it will last for. 
 To compare, could you take some measurements using the TOJ way. see Step 5 onwardshttp://johncoppidge.tumblr.com/howtoorder I'm particularly interested with the torso portions - shoulders, chest, & waist.  cheers
It's coming soon.
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