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any sample images of jackets with a single piece back? 
Horween CXL Front Quarter Horsehide....WOW!
its worth it if it was $60 in total. I think i need to add the shipping cost back to them (another $60), plus the taxes/duties i'd get charged (another $60-$100) because it would be shipped insured with the value stated as $700, so i'd get taxed on $700. 
daypack spot still for sale. PM me.
^ thank you. Love that proposal. 
Those overseas unfortunately can't benefit from this or it will come at an additional cost to us. 
what are the waist measurements for the sz M and L for the 'slim'? 
Darn. I thought Medium was 21.75". These measurements keep changing....
As I mentioned, it could depend on how the jkt is manufactured. I would be keen on knowing if the front measurement differs from the back because I can only compare with my TOJ, which I measure from the front.It may be possible that the shoulder gussets may add a bit to the measurements but I'll wait for thurston bros to comment on the front shoulder measurement.I just sold my TOJ so can't prove this theory myself.
@Synthese, as I understand the shoulders of the sample jacket you have measures 20" (sz L) across when measured across the back, as shown below   http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_UlxnMPuUSvI/S6QanBKY8CI/AAAAAAAAAzI/BJPjx0LcJ4o/s400/8.JPG   If you still have the jacket, could you do me a big favour and measure it the TOJ way which is from the front? (see example below)   http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mcm5v0SBnH1qzuyaj.jpg   I'm just wondering if the shoulder measurements...
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