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So if my july 2013 order isn't amongst the heap that you have, then I have to keep waiting until you have cleared them? Is manufacturing continuing on the side or is everything on hold until the heap is cleared?
what was your order date? 
We can settle this by diniro measuring his Junya jacket and then comparing against the sf x vanson when size charts come out.
Toj fit is only good as the measurements you provide them. Their manufacturing of jackets is also quite inconsistent. Just look at the gallery closely. Their 2013 dr collar sizes vary from customer to customer. Some customers have massive collars which I think is wrong. the wool ma-1 modelled by Drew has a full placket and then gets changed to start 2 inches lower from top collar. The channel quilt on bcdr from the collar to shoulder should lay horizontal and then run...
Looking forward to it   New detailed photos would also be appreciated, hopefully one with the Japanese floral lining so we can see how the concept turns out.  
@impolyt_one, I'll send an email later today with alias details but for the time being, please search for my July 2013 order under the name 'Robin R' My july 2013 order is outstanding. As per the above please advise why it has been held as it has been 621 days.  I have yet to provide measurements for my December 2013 order, which is a womens BCDR as my wife was going through weight changes due to pregnancy. I will get these to you shortly.  My July 2013 order details are...
Will detailed measurements include the in between sizes such as SM & ML?
Tolerances should be no more than 0.25 inch. 0.5inch is a full size difference. Its the difference between a size 48 and sz 49.  The measurements which you originally ordered looked good. 2 inch difference between chest and midsection (20.8" & 18.7"). And 0.5 inch taper between mid section and waist (18.7" & 19.2"). Right now, you have no taper and the chest is too big. Speak to sir Charles but but they should make you another one. I'm not even sure you would be successful...
What does this waist suppression look like?
That's great news! Any estimates on how long it takes to complete production and for the full size run to arrive on your doorstep?  
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