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Do the floral prints come in monochrome (black/white/grey combo)?  This might be a late suggestion for the liner but i'm throwing it out there anyway....POLKA DOTs
nice finds! Red or blue thanks. Leaning towards the red. Nice mix of white and red there. 
I believe the sample is close approaching but I can't wait that long :).....what was decided on the back design? 
Agreed. Key things design wise are lapel/collar sizing, zipper & pocket placements, hem line (straight or curved/scalloped) and back design. Not to mention the actual leather being used for the production model.
Its fine for summer but I can not wear in winter. Too tight to wear even a light sweater underneath. 
happy with Japanese woodcut print also. 
Would like a print of some sort to make this jacket distinctively vanson x styleforum x Thurston bros :)    NO to paisley...sorry   My order of preference below.  1. Indigo Japanese floral as per some of the samples shown earlier. However I understand this might be difficult to source.    2. Red tartan, something like the 2 links below. In my opinion it's a classic style so won't get over it later down in the life of the jacket, where as I could see myself getting...
Wish I knew what classes as 'quality' leather. I just liked the structured look of prosum. Leather felt thicker vs SL
This is So AWESOME!!!The only issue that remains is sizing. I read chest measurements would be 21" and then next size up would be 22". I'm a stock size everywhere else (shoulders, waist etc) but would need a 21.5 chest.Let's see how this all pans out. Can't wait to see the sample!
Thanks. Hopefully no hip adjusters is an option. A belt would make it a tad more bad a$$And I'm really looking foward to what lining pattern gets used. My vote is japanese indigo floral patterns or something japanese since this is a japanese slim fit.
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