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will any be made with the japanese floral lining? 
How is bending over working out for you?
This was me.  None of my other emails with bigger issues weren't getting answered, such as getting hit with £50 custom fee cause TOJ valued my day pack what looks to be $710USD (or something with 3 digits).I know charly doesn't deal with these but would be good to know How they do get dealt with
Would be great to see photos of your blue rider with measurements to compare. Cheers
if the leather gets vanson end of feb, the production starts, I'm estimating end of March we will get to see these. Unless the February z150 batch goes to CDG
I just want detailed measurements of each of the sizes.
Just trying to trigger an update. Trial jacket is out of scope for me I think given i'm cross the atlantic. I just need the size chart/grade with detailed measurements and should be able to order based on that. 
Mid Jan has come and gone
Was this made by toj?
This could have been a legit argument if he had not advertised at the time of sale a photo of the back pack that had no pebble grain. He also can't argue to say the photo was a 'sample' because he advertised a previous customer modelling the product, which also had no pebble grain.He advertised it as TOJ calf, and having owned a toj calf leather before, I can assure you there's no pebble to it.He did the same with with the wool MA-1 at one point where buyers received a...
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