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updated the spreadsheet
i thought TOJ was not allowing the sale of spots anymore. 
a refund he requested for a spot he bought 6 weeks ago...
should be when fully zipped
Yup, buyers can offer to pay all the fees in the world, it still leaves spot sellers open to risk of chargeback.    We all know TOJ would deliver, its just their pace that's been the issue. 
Selling by gift prevents what happened to clark kent    Selling as gift enables spot sellers and buyers to simply swap positions in the transaction. Its still upto TOJ to deliver the product. Any concerns the spot buyer has should be raised with TOJ. Its not with the person who sold the spot as they don't physically hold the product or have control over TOJ operations. 
 This is exactly why I didn't sell my leather jacket spot to Distorbiant. So the douche gets all bitter about it, has a cry, and leaves me negative feedback against another spot I advertised for sale.  
Distorbiant left me negative feedback in spite.  He was upset I didn't sell a TOJ leather jacket spot to him, so he gave me negative feedback against this listing, which was for the daypack spot. (see screenshot of PMs below)    I do not hold the product, TOJ does and it is up to TOJ to deliver. So any issues are to be taken up with TOJ and not me, hence the requirement for gift payment only. If i was holding the product, then sale for goods would have been perfectly...
 Cheers. In the off chance we are able to adjust widths, waist could come down 20.5-20.75". For your height, front length of 23-23.25" should be plenty. But length is a very personal thing.   LA guys recommendation to come down to ML sounds good. You might get a slimmer waist by going down a size but you will also end up with slimmer chest and shoulders. Do you have space in those areas to come down? It might start to compromise on comfort.
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