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 Cheers. In the off chance we are able to adjust widths, waist could come down 20.5-20.75". For your height, front length of 23-23.25" should be plenty. But length is a very personal thing.   LA guys recommendation to come down to ML sounds good. You might get a slimmer waist by going down a size but you will also end up with slimmer chest and shoulders. Do you have space in those areas to come down? It might start to compromise on comfort.
 hi, could you also measure the jacket using TOJ method? (http://johncoppidge.tumblr.com/howtoorder). It would serve as a great reference point.  Feedback:- length - take full body shot with shoes on to determine if its too short or long- shoulders look fine- chest looks fine. Could be trimmed a bit if you prefer- sleeves could be ever so slightly slimmer- waist - agree with you. Needs to be taken in.  
 Hi, do you have an ETA on the size grading? Thanks
 Please also supplement the size grading with specific instructions on how you measured each size attribute (e.g. shoulders from the back from top of shoulder points, chest/waist etc)
^ I would add 0.2" to the first 7 items to be on the safe side. 
big changes ahead so need to repriortise. A lot can happen in 15months. To anyone wanting a black calf leather and/or daypack, pm me. 
@Spazz @Distorbiant - pm'ed you with september 2013 spot 
TOJ Daypack spot for sale - $385 USD (cost price)   Payment to be via paypal gift (buyer payes fees) or cash deposit into UK, USA or Australia bank account. Thanks for your interest.
patiently waiting on the size grading 
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