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 july 2013 order here. Emailed and PM'ed drew several times with no response.
 Agreed, disappointingly i don't think i can purchase this jacket based on the size chart. 21.25" chest for me with tshirt but ideally 21.5" so i can layer with light sweater. Will have to wait further for other sf members fit pics and feedback.
I would be a size ML based on the waist hem of 19.5 but highly doubt I would fit a chest of 20.5.    The increments on the chest measurements seems off. Between sizes XS and ML, they increase 0.5" to 1" and between sz ML to L it jumps by 1.5". Same goes for the the waist hem measurement. Jumps from 19.5" to 21"?    Unless its measured differently? 
Those chest and shoulder measurements look much slimmer than expected. I thought sz M was going to have a shoulder of 17.5 and chest of 21.25?
 what did you order? i'm at 91 weeks and also no response to 3 emails and 3 pms
September 2013? Try July 2013 and later.
I agree, i do want reaching for a beer to be comfortable hence i would only request removal of shoulder gussets if I could increase the shoulder width. I don't like the original sizing where it was 2 inches wider but to accommodate no shoulder gussets, an extra 0.75" or 1" should help over come this.
why would it be a bad idea? no gussets have been featured on this vanson model and the back design looks similar to the daredevil. 
unless more members here like the idea of adding a belt and removing shoulder gussets. Whos in?
899 is fine if you are buying stock. Its when you start making customisations that you start feeling the pinch of the price hike.  I'm hoping things like removing chest zip,  top sleeve zip or shoulder gussets has no cost as there is less materials being used and less labour. Although I have no idea what goes into making a jacket so i could be wrong.
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