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 Thank looks great. Would you mind posting a photo of the back. Thanks
Section 75 doesn't apply to paypal transactions. If payment was made direct with credit card, section 75 doesn't really have a time limit. Any charge back is purely at the discretion of the card company
Can you do dr3 without liver panel ?
Cheers. Some detailed specs would be good. What's the waist hem cut? Is it straight across or scalloped or something in between?
 Can we order with 4 snaps on lapel and any pics of the back design?
 Enough demand ($$$) can make anyone change their minds.  I incorrectly speculated that front facing zips was compulsory as to ensure a way to prevent them getting into any IP issues with dickhead drew.
 Vein's / Stretch Marks seem to pass Falcon's stringent leather selection process.
And rear facing zips 😜
heres hoping for:- spalla camicia (shirt sleeve) tailoring- epaulettes as optional- refined and proportionate collar/lapels 
New Posts  All Forums: