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Just picked up a pair of JM Weston Conti Wingtip loafers in black off the forum. My wife thinks they are gorgeous and I would have to agree with her. Very fine leather and extremely masculine and silky sleek. Would buy in brown if I see one pop up.
Bought a nice pair of J.M Westons from MarkCA. Was an excellent transaction from my initial enquiry all the way to payment, which was slower due to Paypal card issue. Thanks Mark for promptly sending the shoes. I highly recommend this honest seller and look forward to purchasing again from him.
This thread is disturbing. Sounds like plenty of elitists here. I don't think the forum distinguishes dressing well and looking good. I see some of the younger "posers" on here who look like they think too much about what they wear ad probably spend more time in the bathroom than their sisters. I personally can't stand try hards. You must all be working with ugly people is the only conclusion I can make
There are many kinds of pull ups you can do. - Conventional - Wide - Narrow - Staggered hand placements - All above with different tempos Chins - Same as above Pull-ups hanging from towel Pull ups with hands placed like a rope pull and alternate bringing each shoulder to the bar Hand stand pushups Pushups with hands on uneven surface Legs at different elevations One leg at a time Diamond Pushups Dips with rubber band resistance Tricep extension...
I take a spoonful of Manuka honey before any type of workout. Give me a sugar boost and because my stomach is empty, I get the health benefits of the funky enzymes in the Manuka kind. Highly recommend this.
I'm not sure where this conversation is heading, but I'd like to share my view that quality does not make something nice. Some of the SF Darling Shoes I see on here make me think old-man. Sure they are good-year welted and have Norwegian stitching etc, but they're ugly! I don't think much past this. I do feel that there is a lot of jumping on the band wagon on these boards, as there are plenty of people who pay top $$$ for ugly shoes that last forever and are...
I own accessories from LV and Hermes. I would rate these as very nice in terms of quality and design. I will continue to buy accessories from these houses. I wear shoes from these tacky designers: Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani Whilst not the best constructed shoes in the world (although I've been wearing my Armani loafers every day here in humid Singapore), they look much better than some of the butt ugly Alden's, AE's and Church's shoes that pop up here....
Hi, I have only used a tailor to make 4 pairs of dress pants in the past. For minor alterations, I would recommend going to Shinsegae or Lotte department store and paying their alterations dept a visit. It costs about USD4 to do, but the quality is excellent.
3 x full body workouts - 3 hours 1 x stretch at home - 30min 2 x cardio + abs - 2 hours So 5.5 hours per week.
Can you get #5 in black and a US 10?
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