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Quote: Originally Posted by gazman70k +1 Plus, the exchange rate is NOT in your favour, if you are using the US Peso. Furthermore, the brands you have quoted all have a huge premium in Japan. Ok then, what about local makers who are not in the bulge bracket high-end? I'm looking to spend about $500 over there.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim Do they not have shoe stores where you live? I currently live in Singapore. If you've been here, you'd understand why I am asking
Gents, I'll be heading to Tokyo in a couple of weeks time. I know there are some seasoned travellers on this board. I would like some help in finding the best shoe stores whilst there. I am looking for EG, Lobb, JM Weston and any Japanese recommendations you can give. Help!
Glendfiddich 30 yo. A sublime single malt. Drunk neat of course. I'm now back into having a couple of drinks every night... until this runs out.
The only jacket that can fit me off the shelf are from EZ top of the line range. Arm holes, shoulders and chest fit very nice.
Hi all, I'm looking to purchase a pair of Tod's loafers or boat shoes. I have two questions regarding sizing: 1. I normally wear size EU9 (US10) for Prada driving mocassins. What would be the size equivalent for Tod's? 2. Is the sizing for Tod's boat shoes and driving mocs the same? If not, can someone chip in which has the larger / smaller size and if so, how much correction should be factored in? I can't make it to the store and would appreciate your...
Santoni FAM monks in black Prada cotton pants in black Hermes belt RLPL blue shirt tailored to my Adonis-like body IWC watch All good here
Are you a ginger by any chance? Are you fair haired and pale skinned? You have the potential to look like an overbaked lobster!
Quote: Originally Posted by IBJanky People still wear undershirts? myke Exactly! I though the only people that wore undershirts were Asian salary men. Not a good look. OP, you need an extra layer to hide something?
Quote: Originally Posted by Insensitive You've already received your help. Go back and read. You go back and read newb. Is it a short or long term fix. GTFO if you aren't going to add
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