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Quote: Originally Posted by whiteslashasian It was mostly a joak, since I'm part "master race" and part Korean. I agree with the trash statement. Sounds like a 14 year old kid. LOL You know your trash and you wish to be fully Master Race. I know you are white washed trash. Go back to your mediocre ways. You will always be that. You are a disgrace to Koreans. And, they definitely wouldn't like you. Because you are a little...
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma Just in case, I have nothing against Koreans, aleeboy is trash though... People who think they are intelligent and well dressed, but are ugly are trash. I will always own you uglies. You do however have a strong presence in this world.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma Well I'm from the master race and you're Korean, the reason for your subservient position should be obvious. I can't argue with you. I know no matter what that you won't get it. I do agree that you are from the master race. Hence I am happy with all my heart for you. Then we hit reality
Quote: Originally Posted by word I've never even tried to smoke (cigs) in my life. Oddly enough it doesn't bother me on random dates or with short term girlfriends. I just see past it I guess. I got some bad habits too, whatever, aint no thing. Don't usually have long term girlfriends but I would prefer one that didn't smoke. If they did I'd ask them to try to minimize the smell in my car/house/whatever yanno. Dealbreaker for me is being fat. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Reggs I think for women, smoking is a sign of other personality problems. Usually poor impulse control problems and peer pressure. Sometimes stupidity too if they do it thinking it will make them skinny. No, smoking is a habit. You could argue that it's bad for one's health and it has been proven to cause cancer. However, there are many people who don't smoke and get cancer and there are also many who do smoke and...
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma No, and what's more I'm from the glorious white race, I bet you're jealous. Learn to respect a superior speciman. Enjoy your glorious fatness. Why would I be jealous? Are you an ambassodor for all that is white? Do you have freckles or relatives that are gingers? GTFO. Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma These aren't westernized countries you dumbass they're anglo-saxon (or formerly dominated by anglo-saxons) countries. Sorry, I meant FAT countries. You fat? I'm sorry for your gains.
Quote: Originally Posted by holymadness I think in North America, where smoking is considered taboo, crossing that cultural barrier is a sign of not being as constrained by social norms, which include prudishness. That's the theory, anyway. I've never tested it out because I didn't know a single woman who smoked in canada or the States. Smoking is considered taboo in any westernised country: - Australia - Canada - UK - USA -...
Quote: Originally Posted by willpower Much like a tat, it screams "It won't take much to get me into the sack" What about if they have a tat strategically placed, so when they wear a low cut top, you can see it exposed a long with cleavage... AND they smoke?
I find girls who smoke to be more exciting and tend to enjoy drinking a lot more! It's not a deal breaker. Biggest deal breaker for me is being fat
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