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I don't know if it makes any difference being that they're from different seasons, but my MIJ raw doesn't have as dark of a contrast stitching as my MII raw.  It depends on how often you plan to wear it. The heel can be resoled and I'm sure you can get the other area topy'd/Vibram'd to ensure a lifetime of wear. 
I'm also 5'7" and hemmed mine. I don't like having a lot of stacks so all my SL jeans have a 30" inseam with the exception of one that's 28". For what it's worth, none of my SL jeans are pre-distressed.
From my experience, heel drag has made the soles on mine wear out pretty quick. Apparently there's a cobbler folks at SZ recommend who's based out of NY but I'm going to ask my cobbler to see what's up. I only wear them when I'm scrubbing out or during the winter time anyway.
I was set on buying another pair of the low tops until I saw the price jumped a hundred fucking dollars.
The Prada creepers were sick af, yo.
Word? That's what's up then! 
 I believe there were a few users here who purchased the same pair elsewhere and the distressing varied substantially last month.
 Don't be surprised if that's a stock pair they used to model in.
I'm a UK9 and the length was perfect, but was still a tiny bit snug. I have wide feet so I may consider giving UK10 a try if I get a chance to. For what it's worth, I'm a 10E on the Brannock Device.  Err...so I guess typical designer sneaker?
I just placed my order for the champagne iPhone 6 and fell in love with both these Case Mates:   1.   2.   but people have been saying the case pops apart when it drops. :( I guess I'll just stick with one of these (or keep them both):               sigh
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