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  Available for preorder now.
If you view shoes, you can find the 01s got replenished so I don't think they're going to stop producing them.
KVA closing shop to primarily focus on DH.    http://www.vogue.co.uk/news/2015/05/28/kris-van-assche-to-close-brand-signature-label-closing 
Looks like KVA just pulled a Band of Outsiders. http://www.vogue.co.uk/news/2015/05/28/kris-van-assche-to-close-brand-signature-label-closing    I suspect his shoes (re)sale value will increase.
I haven't purchased anything from Mr. Porter yet so no. I'm aware ysl.com is powered by Yoox. What's wrong with being sarcastic on the Internet tho?
Yes, you're right. That's why ysl.com recommends you size down a whole size for some, if not all, sneakers. Absolutely.
I'm 10.5E on the Brannock and sized down .5 comfortably (to 42.5) for the sneakers (SL01). I would have tried a 42 but they didn't have any on hand. If you have narrow feet, I'm sure you can go down a whole size easier than me. I still have my first pair from SS13 but in 43 that's still in heavy rotation. No experience with boots, but I do own a pair of double monk straps and grosgrain trim derbies in 43 and can use insoles for the latter. Never had the opportunity to try...
Yeah, but I'd want it already worn in right off bat since the other parts of the jean are already distressed (I'm really picky). Stitching doesn't really matter, ime.
What sucks is that I'd lose the roping effect + tint from the original hem if I were to get them shortened. They definitely look nice and I'd get them off your hands if I was skinnier though.    Since we're on the topic of waxed denim, my SA just sent a pic of a pair that just came in. Talk about timing. 
Hehe I was going to buy that from Boombayeh but realized it'd look awkward when I'd get them hemmed due to the wash. The Prussian Blue pair I purchased from him also has the Dior Japan tag and I confirmed it (being legit) with my SA.
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