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 Just saw this video and it reminded me of our recent discussion about entitlement.  http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=espn:14657524 In other news, I just learned a new term: brick & click
I felt like I was in a SlickDeals thread all day today. Thanks, StyleForum!
Invoicing the store makes the most sense here, y'all. In addition to bus fare, charge them by the hour for the time it took you to get to the brick and mortar and/or time spent looking through their inventory. Online? Add "click" fees. Time is money.
 Sizing varies from season to season for SLP, unfortunately. If you plan to purchase a pair from the current season, it might be best to buy a 30 and 31 and return the pair that fits too large. Yes, the 17.5/19cm cut would be wider (and more forgiving).
 I sized down one for SS16's waxed 15.5's if that helps. You can always return the pair that doesn't fit.
I bought a pair of DH 17.5 MIJ raws (100% cotton) last year and was able to size down one. I'm quite certain the 17.5 MII raws have stretch though.
I think they might have seasonal (private) sales as my SA reached out to me about it. He also mentioned there's an outlet in New Jersey, but we never got into specifics.Anyway, I got to try on the SS16 waxed denim in my normal size and was shocked to find out I could take off the jeans without unbuttoning them. Shocking because I've gained weight! If I could lose the weight I've gained in the past six months in a pinch, I could have gone down two sizes--even with my...
To the person who won the boots today...you suck.
eBay is your best bet.
Can anyone confirm their shoes and sneakers run one size large?
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