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        Isn't this Dries van Noten? Spotted on Gotham.
Nah, I'm pretty sure most of the wear in the heel is due to heel strike and not drag.Just plain rubber cup sole. Vulcanized soles aren't sewn to the upper of shoes. http://blog.skatewarehouse.com/cupsole-and-vulcanized-outsoles/
I believe Gucci uses UK sizing so my guess is that you would want an 11 (based off your Nike size).
 Looks like you can create the PB1's here: http://www.adidas.com/us/mi-pure-boost-shoes/4001473_M.html  Now that I know you can still purchase the PB1's, I'm going to continue wearing mine. I like the PB2's, but prefer the 1's any day.
Not for another few months unless what's on eBay is legit.http://store.y-3.com/y3store/sneakers_cod44878866wi.html
Either topy or Vibram should do the trick.
Fwiw, I'm 5'7" and got my skinnys hemmed to 30". The rest of my jeans are slim fit and are 28-29".
I considered it, but I don't feel comfortable wearing all black sneakers nor do I feel convinced it works with my current wardrobe.
I recently bought a new pair of white lows but gosh darn it, this is mighty tempting.I recently bought a new pair of white lows but gosh darn it, this is mighty tempting. I hate you, but love you at the same time for sharing this. The Dries Van Noten slip-ons are a steal too. Alcohol and "window shopping" is never a good combination. #UGH
Pretty sure that was KVA at the 0:27 mark.  
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