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Yves Saint Laurent museum to open in Marrakesh in 2017.
Sounds like a 🔥 mixtape, fam. 🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤
DH has a pair of destroyed/rip denim available from the Fall collection. Website lists it as a 19cm cut though.     100% cotton
DH Gold B17  Got to try on the patchwork and black models recently:  [[SPOILER]] I think I might get either the navy or burgundy version though. I don't know yet.
I think the general consensus is to size down one for DH footwear. I was chatting with my SA and was told there's only one pair of 17.5 raws available in the US which leads me to wonder if they're discontinuing it or if they plan to release an updated model sometime in the future.
Just get the regular black/white Geobaskets and call it a day.
 Yeah, that velvet looks really nice. I'm sure the person didn't know the H in Hedi isn't pronounced.  I actually like this Zara colors.
One of these days, I want to land a WFH gig.
Go at least one size down.
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