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Ande Whall has recently started carrying black/black denim. I can't guarantee it won't fade nor that it's not raw, but you could contact him. http://andewhall.bigcartel.com/13oz-solid-black-jeans http://www.styleforum.net/t/25242/ande-whall-denim/800_100
From what I can remember every time they had a sale, users here say they list the MSRP as the purchased price for customs. 
As long as it's repairable, I'm ok with it. Thank you!
I don't know. Should you?
Is it safe to say it's not worth the hassle of trying to get my jeans repaired if it's the seams that (will eventually) blow out, right?
I have the same pair but in 17.5. The taper isn't as aggressive as my SLP jeans so it's nice to have something different for my wardrobe. I really like the dye they used too. I use Superfeet 3/4 insoles (http://www.superfeet.com/en-us/insoles-and-sandals/delux-mens-3-4?___SID=U) for my work shoes and my SLP derbies if I plan to be on my feet for an extended period of time. I use these for my sneakers though: http://www.superfeet.com/en-us/black . If you're feeling real...
I made a stop at the boutique in Ala Moana (Honolulu) and had a good conversation with the store manager. The staff were friendly and knowledgable too. I figured I'd try on the suede Jodhpurs to see how they look and damn do they look nice. I ended up walking out with a pair of white low tops with a 10% discount. 
I don't know if it makes any difference being that they're from different seasons, but my MIJ raw doesn't have as dark of a contrast stitching as my MII raw.  It depends on how often you plan to wear it. The heel can be resoled and I'm sure you can get the other area topy'd/Vibram'd to ensure a lifetime of wear. 
I'm also 5'7" and hemmed mine. I don't like having a lot of stacks so all my SL jeans have a 30" inseam with the exception of one that's 28". For what it's worth, none of my SL jeans are pre-distressed.
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