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I was set on buying another pair of the low tops until I saw the price jumped a hundred fucking dollars.
The Prada creepers were sick af, yo.
Word? That's what's up then! 
 I believe there were a few users here who purchased the same pair elsewhere and the distressing varied substantially last month.
 Don't be surprised if that's a stock pair they used to model in.
I'm a UK9 and the length was perfect, but was still a tiny bit snug. I have wide feet so I may consider giving UK10 a try if I get a chance to. For what it's worth, I'm a 10E on the Brannock Device.  Err...so I guess typical designer sneaker?
I just placed my order for the champagne iPhone 6 and fell in love with both these Case Mates:   1.   2.   but people have been saying the case pops apart when it drops. :( I guess I'll just stick with one of these (or keep them both):               sigh
Not that it would deter me from buying shoes from SLP, but what a bummer. Thanks for the answer.
Did SLP opt for a cheaper shoebox for sneakers or shoes in general? I'm only basing this off what I've seen on eBay.
 41 in KVA may tickle your fancy.
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