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Another method you can use (if you are using Google Chrome), right-click the image then click "Search image using Google" or something to that effect.Keep in mind just because the search yielded no results doesn't mean it's 100% legit.
I overslept. :c   oh well
That's awesome news, thanks! Now to find someone to be my proxy...
How's the pricing of DH stuff in the EU compared to the US? Is it "cheaper" or adjusted to be relatively the same? Can anyone confirm? Thanks in advance.
Oh yeah huh. I forgot about Docs. Thanks!
It's a long shot, but does anyone know of any shoe brands that offer a wide welt? I've been (casually) on the hunt for the Raf Simons chain derbies, but came up with nothing so I want to DIY. I came across a 42 hoping it'd fit, but it didn't. :(    
If that's the case, don't buy them.
You forgot to post the pics, m80
I regret not picking these up when they came out.  Looks legit to me.
I've read women doing this if they're pressed for time.
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