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This brown?
That looked like Moses to me...
Oh S#IT, my bad. 
Yeah...I think I get where his coming from. I just need to shut up and START putting up decent pix. Didn't realize I was annoying the S#IT out of some people. So much for trying to socialize. 
Wow...lots of hate. Sometimes I feel like talking to people in this thread and sometimes it goes off the purpose of this thread.My bad on that. 
I'll just pull 'em up. Gosh, I really can't afford to look like crap if I am buying these at retail. I am seriously considering bespoke. Either way, I'll pull the trigger on a suit 'cus I am recycling my suits like diehard environmentalist tree hugger
Really?! I thut I was the only homer doing it. 
4IH with these Zegna ties is impossible. You just end up with a very tiny knot and it looks horrible. Yesterday, I tried the half Windsor but didn't like the bulkiness so I did a hybrid 4IH where I double looped it. That's my solution for now.
You got class, Sir Pingson. 
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