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Not sure if i should preorder the grey one or wait for one of the charcoal ones that nmwa will carry
cant wait for the preorder links 
Why does she not have any money, though
Since we're on the topic of the navy shoes, how dark is it? It looks light in the pics but some brands have navy where it's pretty much black depending on the lighting
i work near the nomad location and i dont get the big deal on this place. A coworker of mine goes like twice a week roasted chicken was mediocre, at best. Wasnt that big of a fan on the roasted salmon might try one of the pork sandwiches but i'm not a fan of pork to begin with :(
paul george hate it had to be him  [[SPOILER]]
what are the shoes in the pics of the driggs? alden chukkas?   Also, not sure if it's been address already, but is it possible to have more dressier fabrics in the driggs fit? I've tapered the walts i have a bit and looking at the measurements of the driggs, it should be good without the need for a taper
More competition for auburns qb spot
dear diary
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