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Anyone outside the US should be ready to add ~$50-60 for EMS shipping.   Hammered lamb. From 09. Size small. Only flaw with jacket is that the lining where the left armpit is has a tear but a tailor will easily fix that for you for $10 max and you won't even know it was ripped before     Only trade I'd take is Acronym GT-J28 or GT-J34/J34-GTPL in size small.
ordered CPs last season and package was marked at $30Didn't have to pay anything
  I don't really care about the last or sole. Just wanted a Chelsea as an easy to get on/off boot. Rain/Simpson sounds fine to me.
anyone have interest in doing a black (preferred) or navy Chelsea or jodhpur boot?
You're probably 9.5 or even 10
out of curiosity, do you guys reply back to the email sent regarding the Humphreys as you get them or do you plan to reply to them all after thing is over? I sent an email last night but haven't heard anything yet
2 buttons there without a tie looks weird imo
Not going to lie, I used to buy a bigger size because I couldn't get it in my own size. Only went up 1 full size though and never did it again because it was uncomfortable and heel drag was crazy
I feel like there are jackets with more interest and less cost than the harrington (peacoat, fishtail, just to name two). Would be better too since if there was a fishtail run, jackets would be delivered by the time it's winter again
fabric looks great. This is why there needs to be more pics of the stuff made in different fabrics.  Not sure how i feel on the pants, though
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