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I have my pants tapered to 7.25 inches I wear a UK6/US7D in most shoes so I don't think leg opening is too small compared to shoe Bought my first two trousers from HY and if say quality is on par with my mtm pants Would definitely buy more if more pants with side adjusters are stocked in the future
Not going to lie, I used to buy a bigger size because I couldn't get it in my own size. Only went up 1 full size though and never did it again because it was uncomfortable and heel drag was crazy
I feel like there are jackets with more interest and less cost than the harrington (peacoat, fishtail, just to name two). Would be better too since if there was a fishtail run, jackets would be delivered by the time it's winter again
fabric looks great. This is why there needs to be more pics of the stuff made in different fabrics.  Not sure how i feel on the pants, though
Question: is the 80201 quarter brogue in navy calf (rain) going to be available in UK 6? Also, for the MTO, did you order any extra units too to sell on your site or is it just the amount for the customers who made a deposit? Thanks
Common Projects had one
Tbs occasionally run 20% off sales during the season and that would bring the CPs to around 250ish give or take
Any updates on the noragi? Thought that was supposed to be dropping soon
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