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I don't follow Geller much so question about zipper blazers: Do they go on sale at the end of the season in most sizes or should i just grab one now? I'm a 46 if it matters
reminds me of epaulet's db veneto
i dont think they carry a lot of inventory to begin with
Some of you care too much about what others think
NYC, a few blocks away from MSG
Dropped by nmwa today for some kops   been looking for a thin wallet and since this was on sale, why not. Cards are a bit hard to get out and put back in atm but after some use it should loosen a bit and be easier. Seems like i bought the last racing green. I'm surprised the wallet lasted this long without selling out because i thought a lot of ppl wanted this in the beginning when the preview pics were shown before site launched   Also picked up the grey merino...
should've asked the seller to mark down the value
slickdeals20 for 20% off clearance items on NDC if you have ebates it's 9% cashback as well for ndc
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