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damn, wouldve bought this over some of the other stuff i bought if it was listed a few days earlier
I need to get one of the jackets with gravity pockets Are there other brands with that or no?
go unfused, lightly lined
white ones look better on feet than in the stock pic   i've liked the blue/green since that video was posted a while back
new veneto jackets online   wished colors were a bit darker   any plans for a vest like the veneto one from f/w?
Chances of a grey lamb in marketplace is very low Aside from black leather and brown for bombers, you're better off putting in your own order
junior in college
Are they buying the shoes or the receipt
Are you sure the 1500 is actually bespoke? I feel like bespoke is thrown around a lot but a lot will tell you it's bespoke when it's more MTM. Bespoke is more 3000+ imoBut I'd get a nice fitting suit first and then send it in for replication. 
New Posts  All Forums: