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Question: is the 80201 quarter brogue in navy calf (rain) going to be available in UK 6? Also, for the MTO, did you order any extra units too to sell on your site or is it just the amount for the customers who made a deposit? Thanks
Common Projects had one
Tbs occasionally run 20% off sales during the season and that would bring the CPs to around 250ish give or take
Any updates on the noragi? Thought that was supposed to be dropping soon
39 in US wont be too big if you'er a 7US in dress shoes.    I'm a US 7D in most dress shoes and i wear a 39, i can probably even size up to 40 for a more loose fit
get the 50   I'm a small in peacoat & duffle, 46 in wool ma-1 and 48 in the bball/toj1. I had a 46 toj1 in the past before but with it was too tight for my liking
Did you really expect them to sell well? Pretty sure most will fall under 100 if you're willing to wait
I feel like the supreme foams would look ok from a distance but would not look as good once you get up close.Wanted to buy just to have them in person before deciding whether I actually want to keep them or not but had midterm during the time it droppedVick jersey
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