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I feel like this dude saw what the clips went for and dry snitched himself to try and get some of that action but there's not another ballmer walking around and hawks aren't getting as much as clips
https://vine.co/v/Oza1IYPxL7D  surprised eagles have no points at the half. Brandin cooks was a good pickup for my fantasy team
It's a copout. I highly doubt that anyone who ordered and then moved would neglect to tell toj of their change of address. Also, I'm not sure why people are using their sister or moms paypal to pay but even if it was shipped to a relative, not sure why it would get returned unless those addresses happens to be outdated too. The last update didn't really tell anyone anything.
I feel like the Dallas d might go extra hard week 1 because everyone is talking shit about them, still starting boldin over golden Tate though
mallet to texans     alex smith with 45 mill guaranteed 
giants pats pt 3
if you're talking about the suiting wool ma-1 pocket, a friend's galaxy s4 can fit in fine
doubt they would've gotten a spot to begin with
I think I was on that train. Couldn't hear any announcements the guy made because some lady was going on and on about Jesus
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