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i dont get the point of ppl waiting until the last second, just put the max you're willing to do
My OD ironheart jeans actually is more grey-whiteish fading but depending on the lighting there are blueish parts that peek through   http://www.ironheart.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=949.msg319593#msg319593 some pics of overdyed denim evo (not mine), although it is not epaulet
i prefer the lamb suede.not sure how it is on that jacket but i have the same style of jacket in lamb suede from toj and it just feels so good
he's going top 5
The volt/black is in most sizes I just clicked men's, clearance, shoes, running, and then sort by price high to low and it's 105 before code and 84 after
Anyone here have the hyperfeel? How is it for running/casual walking? Thinking of buying a pair with the clearance code
is he able to hook me up with these:
I've had popovers from mtm makers and I got a lot of compliments and questions on it from middle aged white and Asian women but i rather have a full button down
i dont think sneakers are allowed at clubs, unless it's some hood joint
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