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are there any more vests coming in for s/s like the esemplare one?   Also, can someone return theirs so i can buy it, or just sell to me directly
To those who have ordered pants before, how far apart were your front rise and back rise?
Flyknits haven't bothered me at all but I only have the lunar1, trainer, and racer The frees didn't look that appealing to me.
If only back length was a few inches longer
mine werent 7 days 
Why are classes not canceled today
Anyone outside the US need to PM me for a shipping quote   I have an ervell field jacket here for sale. It has a hood that's not shown but i can take a pic if you really want to see. Worn ~10 times, no flaws
Anyone outside the US need to PM me for a shipping quote   S2S: 17 P2P: 20 Back Length: 25.5   Bought this a few months ago but only wore it twice and original owner didn't wear it much either. Very good condition. Only putting this for sale because I need the cash for something. If this isn't sold by mid April then I'm keeping it. No fur for this version. Only flaw is very minor piling. A small part of the collar is a bit darker but that's natural with this...
^ but the person they get at the airport might end up going somewhere in bklyn/queens anyway
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