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It was promised to take 15 minutes but he had to wait 2 hours before they brought it out of the kitchen
Did you expect a defensive game
No it's not.Also, there's probably more stores in that area who dont take CC than those who do so that's an automatic L
Going tmrw so if anyone wants anything send me a pm with your cell number, the size and what you want if you know it. Only for ppl in the US. Shipping will be priority mail so ~10 or so, forgot what the price is now. Need to be available at 12pm tmrw new york time to send payment or you can send payment to me beforehand and I can refund if item isn't there
Glad I picked up donnell since pitta went down Can't believe I dropped eli to pick up tannehill as a backup qb
Esemplare fishtail from NMWA last year. Worn a few times. This thing is a beast Size Medium
my bench is 4 points away from outscoring my starters
this dude pulling a cade foster
What's with these college kickers
peterson reinstated.
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