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What are the prices like for the 2 schneider jackets? Also how soon will they be up online?
Uniqlo on 5th is the worst
It's marked with low value. I had 2 jackets in the same shipment before marked at 30 I think there's only like one or two guys who actually got hit with fees
i had this originally and it lagged a bit, not sure if it was the internet connection problem or something else. I use Plex now for videos stored on my computer and it has been great, literally no lag and it's easy to use.
my picks for the contest:     color isn't for me, but ppl are sleeping hard on this sweater:i've been wanting to pull the trigger on this bag for a long time now but i cant justify it since i dont actually need it and would probably use it like 4 times a year maxreally like the color of the suit, shame it's a single vent. My size is sold out either way, though  Also, items slept on:  [[SPOILER]]
Pull your skirt down b
Buying with no intention of wearing but instead sell for higher
well then
is this through an email or something? the zfactorie still shows the 50% code but that doesnt seem to work anymore
Pig is disgusting. Chicken/beef>
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