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if you're talking about the suiting wool ma-1 pocket, a friend's galaxy s4 can fit in fine
doubt they would've gotten a spot to begin with
I think I was on that train. Couldn't hear any announcements the guy made because some lady was going on and on about Jesus
those navy ones a size too big :(
Been a while since i last ordered from Luxire and im at the checkout page and for shipping i see that there's options for free and one for USA-$15.  I remember talks of customs a while back so can anyone tell me the difference between the two? Is the free option just take your risk with customs and the USA-$15 customs included?
Paypal Only Anyone outside of the US need to add +$50 for EMS   I have an Epaulet DB Veneto here for sale. This is tagged a M/38. I bought it from another SFer who had it tailored to a S/36. Measurements are:  s2s: 17 p2p: 20 sleeve length: 24 back length: 28.5 Originally retailed for 1200 if i remember correctly   description from Epaulet:   Last year we took a meeting with a brilliant Italian manufacturer that crafts the finest quilted sportcoats we've ever...
would be down for a fantasy league.
not sure if i should cop the ro adidas so cheap but i cant wear sneakers most of the time 
What are the prices like for the 2 schneider jackets? Also how soon will they be up online?
Uniqlo on 5th is the worst
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