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Just a heads up, Saks is having a Friends and Family sale, and Barbour's are eligible for the 25% discount.  Picked up a Beaufort for $299.
Picked up a gray herringbone sportcoat (Madison) last spring for $159 in a 42R.  Couldn't believe it was available, you just need to be patient.
Picked up a couple of suits and 4 shirts.  SA didn't want to deal with figuring everything out on the 26th, so got the 30% off of the suits, 40% of of the shirts, plus the 15% kicker.  The kicker was a little better last year, but I can't complain.  Glad I went in today, the shirts were starting to get picked over, 
I didn't realize the seconds were on sale for $99 on BF. Bummed I missed them.
If you want PA's or Walnut Strands, the Nordstrom sale in July is probably the best for firsts at ~$219.
I would, although they're better than what I just received from Nordstroms.  The "good" shoe had a medallion (if that's the right term) that was off center, and the "bad" shoe had severe creasing/cracking, and was missing finish on the heel near the stitching.  Mine will be going back - very disappointed..
I stopped by my store the other day. My SA said the semi annual sale starts June 19th.
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