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Lots of argyle on this thread - last time i wore argyle, i was told it went out in the 80s.  Looks like it is back?
I would advise caution in wearing brown shoes with gray suit or blue suit to an interview.  There is a sizable amount of the population that would state that it doesn't match.  I think here on SF, the consensus is that it looks nice, there will certainly be people out there who think you wore the wrong pair of shoes. If you wear black shoes, then no one will notice shoes on you, and you will look more mainstream.  Just because style focused people like a look, doesnt...
that's what i have black parks brown 5ths walnut strands   works well
I have seen them in the store and they are beautiful, really nice
I meant to order mctavish 1/2 a size smaller than strand,pa, 5a.. sorry
McTavish I just want to say that it runs 1/2 size smaller than strand/5A/PA despite being same last.   Finally got my exchange, and happy.  Measures same sole as the size above.
People here seem a little snobbish - if you wear brunos or magnanni's you will have better shoes than 95% of the people out there.  Same with AE.  It is splitting hairs... All are nice.  Some better than others.  Who cares.  It is all top 5%.
Yeah, but the entire sole, heel, etc measures longer in length, not just the leather part... doesnt make sense
MCTAVISH   I wear an 8d in all AE shoes (park ave, strand, etc.) Mctavish is supposed to be the same last BUT THE shoes are longer and heels pull out slightly... is this normal for mctavish?
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