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What about these?  Vivo Barefoot-Gobi  
Any low rise light chukkas you guys like.    (cannot wear clarks- never fit properly)   have these now- awesome comfortable but not built to last; sorel balmoral  
hard to tell, lots of fake ferro out there. mind you the real thing isn't that impressive in person either.  email them and try to cancel the transaction- doesn't hurt to ask.
Is this an orphan or part of a suit?   if it is odd, pants suggestions?      
He does do it: http://totokaelo.com/ys-by-yohji-yamamoto/tapered-slim-pant/black/KL1419   and cordings only size is 42 which would, regardless of cut- look like hell.   Could whipcord substitute? 
Second on the thrift but really try working towards wearing one of these.  
Looking to match up a harris tweed jacket with some cavalry twill pants, want to avoid overly baggy, like a modern fit, but not Yamamoto slim and short.   Anyone know of a good quality online shop?
Had a SS sub rolex back in the 90's, I liked it but they have gotten better particularity the clasp.  Also like what tutor is doing- and anyone who thinks its a lesser brand- what they are doing now is really cool without being trendy/disposable.   Still, for my next dive type watch I am leaning towards a Seiko SBDB001, but have yet to see in person.
Don't tell me to quit whining. Don't tell me to do anything. Let the grownups talk.   What- (if everlane is outsourcing shipping management) Everlane doesn't understand is that they are getting bad information.   If their Shipping guy is in Quebec- ONLY QUEBEC has local bi-lingual (municipal) sign requirements and labeling bylaws- this does not have anything or is enforceable to items shipped in for individuals- otherwise you would see amazon shipping bi-lingual...
So first really great we can get a couple of differing opinions on the issue. But really I am not sure how ground mail can go to the Alaska, or how Military bases in germany, bypass german customs?   I have enclosed a map to help our southern friends;   (hint the green is Canada for you non-cartography types) 'merica, with the 'mericans is orange and you wanted to invade yellow recently, cause you used to own it once but really tell me how UPS ground can stay...
New Posts  All Forums: