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A really good monogram, be it on a shirt or on a pocket square, if done by hand can look awesome.   Any one on the continent that can do this?   I have not seen a good machine monogram- maybe its out there but to me they always look rough. Got a couple MTM shirts from my favorite cheapy and the monograms are almost pixelated, they are so bad.   example of old school monograming;       OR
Looking for the best place to send in a couple of my shirts for monograming. Looking for tight high quality stitching.   Better yet, give us pics and to name names.
Its that they don't have interfacing on the cuffs. which- I have only ever seen on casual shirts and cheaper low end shirts.  contacted them to see if they have inandout burger style hidden menu of options.     Being 58 pages with all the menswear snobs here I cannot believe that no one has raised this issue before.
Is anyone else disappointed by the cuff quality and thinness of them?   just got 1st order and the convertible cuffs are terrible and thin- my crumby jantzens are better or even a arrow shirt is better.   yuk. internet hype. not pleased at all with the quality of P.C..  Do like the website and ordering, but the final product is not worth the money.
What about these?  Vivo Barefoot-Gobi  
Any low rise light chukkas you guys like.    (cannot wear clarks- never fit properly)   have these now- awesome comfortable but not built to last; sorel balmoral  
hard to tell, lots of fake ferro out there. mind you the real thing isn't that impressive in person either.  email them and try to cancel the transaction- doesn't hurt to ask.
Is this an orphan or part of a suit?   if it is odd, pants suggestions?      
He does do it:   and cordings only size is 42 which would, regardless of cut- look like hell.   Could whipcord substitute? 
Second on the thrift but really try working towards wearing one of these.  
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