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Looking for a pair of single/double monkstraps size 10.5/11UK in new to barely used condition - willing to pay near enough Ebay prices or have trade bait....get at me
Chaps, question relating to mannequins: Are dress makers/tailors ones a must? From my pov dress makers look ok or is the shape too different?
Is it just me or do those on the left look different sizes..? Found £5 in some (purchased) trousers today, not quite as baller as Wes over here 
In the market for some staple grey flannel trousers 32/33x30, preferably in a mid grey, cuffed/uncuffed but pretty open as building my winter wardrobe  
Unsure of the protocol on here but user: josenv1hotmailcom.2012 (knew it was dodgy with that username!) bought a BIN and no payment or contact was ever made.  Managed to close the case on them now with no further issues.
The way you are planning to wear the coat i think you could definitely utilise either style, both are slightly less formal than standard flap pockets. The patch flaps aren't to my taste for an overcoat but i like the vertical style and think these are most practical
I'd say that fits fine, you don't want it unflatteringly hanging off you.  It's not perfect but i wouldn't go bigger
When it's done by a supposedly well-dressed attorney on 'Suits' these people don't stand a chance.  I think it's always been there but i find it more noticeable where i am now due to the number of younger people wearing super slim fitting jackets
 Really appreciate it, i'll certainly be erring on the side of caution
 Thanks for the detailed info.  I have not actually polished them at all, this was done by the store to presumably spruce up a non-selling shoe (it worked!).  I agree that stripping is likely the only solution as further coats will only enhance the flaking and i'm actually interested to see the original brown.  Lexol is the thing for this right?  
New Posts  All Forums: