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was debating if I should return the 7D Kenwoods and exchange for 7E instead, but then the rubber heel just fell off on both shoe. Made that decision easy.
some one had asked me for pictures of the AE/RL illfords, I might as well post them here too for reference.      
Here we go, mto walnut shell Bayfields     illiford/cxl bayfield/walnut shell bayfield/black calf bayfield
    after I dropped them off at UPS it occured to me that I should have taken more pictures. I was rather occupied with at the time though, so only ended up with this one.
I actually received my MTO Walnut Shell Bayfields wednesday, but had to send them back because they forgot to install the factory sole saver....
Navy Suede Strandmoks or spiaggia? any opinions guys?
  I just received call today, my walnut shell Bayfields are ready.
Well I knew it was going to happen eventually. First pair, the Alden x Leffot Tan Suede Indy.   Next pair is probably going to be the classic indy 405 ( was debating between this and 403/J Crew 405, but decided that I wanted something other than CXL as I already have CXL boots from AE and Wolverine) and the Alden x J.Crew No.8 Captoe.
  I posted a picture way back in the thread in this post
  the offer is usually regular cost of the boots with the mto fee waived.
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