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Anyone have personal experience on how stretchy the Buckaroo leather is?  Compared to CXL?   Would the EE shoes stretch out enough to accommodate a EEE/EEE foot?
Given how long it takes to get them, most people would've forgotten what you've said.    (I just tried to order a "ready made" pair of camp mocs, and a pop-up informed me that it'd take 4 weeks!)
I'd pick up a pair of the brown/white ones in a heart beat if it were available in my size.   I won't defend the black/red ones, but then again, I'm not really into black boots.
There's something off about those chukka boots.   Maybe it's the angle of the shot, but the flaps look like they're too close together, and the four pairs of eyelets just look strange to me (the exposed metal grommets don't help either).
 When I asked them last year (an email and a call), I was told to order everything in the same size because they've made their lasts that way. Which, as we know in this thread, isn't 100% true.  At least not for everyone.
You're essentially paying the same price and same delivery schedule, but with the possibility of more options?   That's interesting.   I guess I'll have to make it a point to visit the physical store the next time I'm in Maine.
 I'm curious - I keep reading about people ordering their custom Rancourts through PDG.  Are there any good reasons to do so?
Could be the angle, but the front quarters(?) look very uneven - look at the distance between the brogueing and the soles.   Also the strange markings above the left heel.
 I could've sworn they said something about doing this "shells are only MTO" thing a year or two ago. Anyone else remember that?  Or have I just inhaled too much of the new shoe vapours?
 Looks like the Strand, but unlined and more casual.
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