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I'm almost embarrassed to post these given all the fantastic creations above...  But here goes: Mojave with golden brown CXL.       I was going for a better version of Clark's desert boots, and I think it's mission accomplished.
 I slip my AE Lubbock on/off without bothering with the buckles.  I do use a shoe horn to put them on though.
 I love chukka boots (I own five pairs of AE chukkas, and in the process of buying another pair). But there's just something about the brogueing on them that's a turn-off for me, especially the bits on the heel.
 I've ordered them a couple of times when they were on backorder, and they were shipped within a week. Which isn't to say that the same thing will happen to you... but rather that I think they're very conservative on their expected ship dates.
 My natural CXL ranger mocs have gotten a little darker after a few months of wear. (No maintenance beyond wiping down with damp cloth.)
Anyone knows what the deal is with the Mojave chukkas?   They were introduced a few months ago, and are apparently now on clearance ($177).  Surprisingly short time for a non-webgem model.
Good to hear you had a good experience there.  I may have to give them another chance.   (I visited them a few times, got ignored the first time, adequate/polite service the other times, and got the hairy eyeball when I returned a pair of seconds there.)
 Would this be the Reston store, or is there a new manager at the Connecticut Ave store?
 Some people do. They (LLBean) know it and are, at least for now, putting up with it.  Here's a recent NPR story on their return policy.
 You must be my evil twin - I ordered a pair of natural/caramel shell rangers, and have been wishing that I'd ordered them in #8...
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