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Did I miss this? Is the 2/$300 sale going on currently? Seems like this was mentioned a few times, but nobody is really talking about it.
They're not exactly discontinued, they are made specifically for Nordstrom now - I bought a pair there a few months ago.
Hey all, I ordered some brown Kenilworths from the shoebank as part of the Memorial Day sale and they arrived on Wednesday (ordered Sunday). I have to say, I was impressed with the quality; this was my first time buying seconds, and if this pair is indicative of what to expect from seconds, then I'll be buying more. I really can't find anything wrong with them that would warrant calling them a second, really look first quality to me.   Anyhow, the downside is that...
That actually helps out a lot. I went to Von Maur (only place that sells Allens here) and took a look at their small selection. They had a couple slip ons in Chili, and I feel like I want something a little darker than the Walnut Cliftons I have.   I tried on the Park Avenues in the same size as my Cliftons (10.5D) and they were comfortable, which surprised me since I didn't expect to like both the 5 last and the 8 last. Has anyone else experienced this? Are those two...
My first impression is that I would like the burnished brown better than the chili, but of course those aren't featured in the Memorial Day Sale.
Thanks for the photo. Are those the Brown Burnished Calf? They look darker than what I would expect from the Chili color.
Could use some advice: I recently purchased some new Walnut Cliftons which I really like, but would like to pick up another pair to rotate with them, as I find myself wearing them quite a lot now that I have them. I find myself wanting to wear brown shades much more often than black, but I don't really have another pair of brown that I'd want to wear anymore (unless you like square toed Kenneth Cole).   With the Memorial Day sale going on, I'm considering the...
  Thanks for the fast response. I had a feeling that's what they were, but I couldn't find anything that confirmed it. Appreciate the help.   Second, follow up question, does anyone have any comments on the Hinsdale Black Wingtip? They're in closeout mode on AE's website for $249.
  I recently purchased a pair of Cliftons from Nordstroms that I'm pretty happy with so far. I know they are on the 8 last, but does anyone know which 8 last? Allen Edmonds' website lists both the 108 and the 678. I'd like to know because I'm considering ordering a pair of the Hinsdales, which are on the 108 and that would make sizing pretty easy for me. Thanks.
I purchased a pair of Cliftons from Nordstroms a couple months ago, and I'm very pleased with them so far. I know they're on the 8 last, but does anyone know which 8 last it is? When looking on AE's website, they list the 108 and the 678 (orthodic). I'd like to know, because I'm considering purchasing the Hinsdale in black and they're on the 108 last; if that's the same as the Cliftons, it should make sizing pretty easy for me. Thanks.  
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