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thanks, a racer leather seems the right name   As a 28 y/old man, would this jacket suit the following outfit:   OCBD shirt -  sweater chinos -  denim jeans chelsea boots - tassle loafers
i want to know the name of this type of leather jacket.   You could say its a leather bomber jacket, but its got a collar that 'sticks up' and other bomber jackets have a flat down collar       I prefer this small 'stick up' collar but need the name of this style of leather jacket so i can find more   thanks
so besides a peacoat, is there any other suitable style coats that look stylish?
I only thought about black as it seems to most 'office suitable' with my black shoes i have a navy suit and a charcoal grey suit. i do think a grey looks quite nice but i thought a black coat would go better with both suits   i looked at a car coat but im not too keen on the lack of design   is a pea coat too much for 'to work/office' wear?     Any other recommended styles of coats for 'to work' wear?
Besides a black Peacoat, what is a stylish coat to wear to work, mid-thigh length maximum, in black, worn with suit and shoes for the office im 28   i don't want a long coat
thank you for the constructive reply, which oone is slightly better in your opinion? i was told Clarks Chesea boots were a good choice, could you post a pic please of what would be considered nice black chelsea boots?
Which of these 2 chelsea boots do you prefer:   1)       OR   2)         Thanks
what goes with the following outfit if casual shirts arent suitable (OCBD plains, vertical striped, checked)   Leather bomber jacket or jersey single breasted coat Chinos or jeans Chelsea or chukka boota or boat shoes     someone before said casual shirts arent suitable with this outfit, so what is?   im 27 and will be for evening/weekend casual wear = shopping, cinema, pubs bars, restaurants 
looking at clarks desert boots ^^ they look similar but i think not as nice as chelsea boots   again, trickers lambourn (below) and loakes (below) look very similar to chelsea boots     I already have brown chukka boots which i wear when cold with my brown leather bomber jacket, i thought its best to always match jacket/coat with footwear color? i wanted black footwear for casual wear when wearing my black jersey single breasted coat.  what do you guys think of brogue...
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