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It's Italian for camp. Aka, of or relaying to flamboyence or feminity.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bellison Does anyone know of any stores or cobblers in the Boston area that carry Saphir cream and wax? Thanks. there are no shops that carry saphir in the village of Boston. You'll find meltonian though which is cheaper and will probably suffice.
Thanks. It sounds like a very subtle difference. If that's the only difference then one would not be able to tell the difference without close inspection, correct?
What is the difference between nailhead and sharkskin fabric? Thanks.
I am thinking of getting this shoe. Does anyone have a picture of this shoe they can share with me? I'd like to see something other than a stock photo. I don't really like the look of the last in the stock photo--the toe shape is a bit too round. I like something that is a bit more square, but still a wholecut. Maybe a real photo would dissuade me. Thanks.
Does anyone know if I need to dry clean my cashmere sweaters? I'd like to wash them, but I'm afraid of damaging them in the wash. Do I have to use special detergent? Thanks.
The Love ring is pretty interesting. I like it. Quote: Originally Posted by LVoer I got this for my wedding band. It's not from the wedding collection, but I wanted something with a bit of a subtle design and some thickness to it. Yes, I know the O is not subtle here, but remember, not everyone reads SF. LOL.
I agree with this point. There is nothing about the plain Cartier wedding band that sets it apart from any wedding band that a jeweler will make. Thus, why spend 3x the money and buy from Cartier? I might as well save my money and buy something that looks exactly the same and made of the same material from KMart. To those who bought the plain band from Cartier, why did you buy from Cartier when you can get the same from Walmart for 1/5 of the price? Was it...
I love conservative fashion--Purple Label, Brioni, EG, etc. But it gets a little stale and boring. I like to spice it up a bit sometimes, and I think there is nothing wrong with a little bling. Of course if you are a 50 y/o man, like most members of style forum, it will look silly to wear anything outside of the most traditional. Quote: Originally Posted by Szeph el ratón Well, no. It's your wedding band, the other one will just be some ring...
When I put on the plain comfort fit ring, it looked so stale and boring. There was nothing unique about the ring. While I realize that the wedding band should perhaps be an enduring symbol of my love, I felt that it is rather stale for a 27 year old. Also, if I think that the wedding band looks a bit dated in say 10 years, I can always get another one, no? Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy I'm old enough to know a lot of guys who...
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