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Which do you prefer and why?
Which do you prefer and why?
Elitism is really looked down upon at Harvard. Even in the Final Club I was a part of there is pressure not to come across as stuffy or old school. Many of my peers came from extremely affluent families and yet dressed plainly with their north face fleeces, jeans and sneakers. You'll pretty much be ostracized at Harvard if you start sporting Loro Piana suits and bespoke footwear. Financial aid and meritocracy has really changed the demographics of the Harvard...
When you say a good number, you mean like 10 or 20 out of thousands? Most kids I graduated with had flip-flops and shorts underneath their robes. This sort of tradition has basically died out at Harvard. Quote: Originally Posted by AgentQ A good number of people actually showed up in morning dress at this year's commencement. Though I think most faculty/staff nowadays stay in academic regalia throughout.
Hi Guys, I was wondering if you could share with me the difference in fit between the 348 and the 337 for C&J shoes. I own a pair of Lowndes and now I'm in the market for a pair of Cliffords. I heard one should size down when going from 348 to 337. Is this true? Or should I keep it at the same size? Thanks.
Has anyone seen the Bury loafer and know of any online stores that carry it? None of the online retailers seem to carry this handgrade loafer that I saw in the C&J NY store.
Damn, would have snatched these babies up if they were my size. Nice shoes and great price! Bump. Quote: Originally Posted by Bellison Edward Green made for Ralph Lauren, Made in England. Dark Oak Antique color, size US 8.5D Lightly worn. These loafers are too tight on me. They don't get enough wear for me to justify keeping them. Retail $1,200+ $275 (PayPal personal) shipped within the US. Lasted shoe-trees not included. ...
Here's one: http://legoodsoflife.blogspot.com/ Quote: Originally Posted by Bellison Does anyone have any pictures of a black C&J Lowndes shoe available other than stock photos? Thanks.
I'm interested in these shoes. What color are they exactly? Brown or dark tan? Quote: Originally Posted by Bellison Hi, I have a pair of RLPL Narvell Monks in size 8.5/9D. The shoes are brand new, never been worn and come with original RL SHOE TREES and shoe bags!!! They are made in England by Gaziano & Girling. I am selling because they do not fit me properly. $605 PayPal PERSONAL payment CONUS without trees, $635 with. Please PM for...
What is the general consesus on the quality of Hugo/boss black tuxes? They fit me very well otr but I am not sure what the quality is. Thanks.
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