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Can you guys post some pictures of you in your Barbour jackets? Thanks.
I don't like how the jacket makes a person's shoulders look really slanted and narrow. Also because the jacket doesn't taper towards the bottom and actually flairs out towards the bottom makes it look like you're wearing a woman's poncho. Add this to the fact that the length makes you look like a dwarf and makes me wonder why any guy would buy this. Quote: Originally Posted by dmac I just picked up a Beaufort a couple of months ago and don't find it...
You don't find the overall length of the beaufort to be too long? It looks like it's made for people over 6'2". Quote: Originally Posted by bleachboy Tailoring a Beaufort... wouldn't that be like tailoring overalls or something? It's utility gear. I have one, by the way, and I have worn it zero times. I need to take up hunting in the English countryside, I suppose.
What about the Bedale jacket compared with the Beaufort? Is it possible to take in and shorten the Beaufort?
I love the C&J Lowndes. Quote: Originally Posted by allaboutshoes Looking for a pair of double monks. Looking for a plain toe or with a medallion on front. Not too square, but rather with a point (not pointy though). Any suggestions? Thanks
I like the way the jacket looks, but does anyone else think the length is just way too long? I am 5'11" and it makes me look like a dwarf. Is this jacket made for people over 6'2"? Should I look into the Bedale instead? Thanks.
How much do you pay for your annual subscription? Quote: Originally Posted by JSC4President just buy the year subsciption service (to Mens Ex and Leon) that is what i did.... and u get a 10% discount I got sick of going there every week to try and get the good stuff before it sold out
Sucks for you. You should have just put in a higher max bid. Quote: Originally Posted by Klobber Picture the scene - you have been watching for a whole week a once in a lifetime item of clothing on eBay. You are prepared to pay top dollar, and you know full well this item has not gone undetected by those intending to snipe last minute. You post your absolute maximum bid 6 seconds before auction end, and then find someone has outbidded you when you...
Haha, +1! Go balls deep and bling that shit! I know a dude my age who has an Hermes belt and he pretty much owns it, so baller! Quote: Originally Posted by blahman You know, a good friend of mine once told me: "When you're young, if you can bling it up, bling the f**k up. Understated elegance is when you are settling down." But then again we were arguing over if having the cash whether to go for a Lamborghini or an Aston Martin. Actually I...
So I should choose the EG because they are faux-brogues? I still don't get why the EGs are that much better. Quote: Originally Posted by bkstone +1
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