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Sorry, Sold
***SORRY, SOLD!*** Hi all, I have a pair of G&G Narvell for Ralph Lauren Purple Label in size 9UK / 9.5US. It has been gently used and is in pristine condition. I've worn a few times and have come to the conclusion that these shoes are too narrow for me even though they are a D width. Comes with box and shoe bags. Shoe trees extra. Please PM with any questions Asking SOLD CONUS PayPal PERSONAL, or extra 3%. I only ship to those with CONFIRMED PayPal shipping...
I think it's the Rothschild. Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Obvi... meant moar deets
Well Derrruuhhhhh! Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Are those G&G? ^
Does anyone know where I can get a good deal on these barbour jackets?
I don't think the soles of those shoes are wood, lmao. Quote: Originally Posted by Tony Romo I'd prefer something with a softer (not wooden) heel. Anymore ideas?
My my, don't you look like a fine English chap. Quote: Originally Posted by Ich_Dien
Can you guys post some pictures of you in your Barbour jackets? Thanks.
I don't like how the jacket makes a person's shoulders look really slanted and narrow. Also because the jacket doesn't taper towards the bottom and actually flairs out towards the bottom makes it look like you're wearing a woman's poncho. Add this to the fact that the length makes you look like a dwarf and makes me wonder why any guy would buy this. Quote: Originally Posted by dmac I just picked up a Beaufort a couple of months ago and don't find it...
You don't find the overall length of the beaufort to be too long? It looks like it's made for people over 6'2". Quote: Originally Posted by bleachboy Tailoring a Beaufort... wouldn't that be like tailoring overalls or something? It's utility gear. I have one, by the way, and I have worn it zero times. I need to take up hunting in the English countryside, I suppose.
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