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The 337 last will make your already large feet seem bigger. I find the American makers of shoes seem to make your feet look smaller like Alden or Allen Edmonds. Quote: Originally Posted by mrbranch I'm wondering if anyone can throw out some suggestions for a dark brown captoe balmoral. In particular, I have a larger sized foot (12.5 US) so I don't want anything too elongated or pointy. So far I'm looking at the CJ Audley (337 last) at about $500...
I would like some opinions on Lotuff & Clegg bags. Is the leather, tanning, stitching high quality? Are they worth the money? Thanks.
lmao. This is an internet forum. why take things so seriously? Quote: Originally Posted by randallr Woah. I like Asian food as much as anybody, but low blow on McDonalds. Someone is pissed at the West's superior dominance. Submit to us! Madame Butterfly?
Neanderthals ate with knives and forks in hand as they dug into animal carcasses. Enjoy your stroke inducing McDick burgers. Quote: Originally Posted by Reggs Big talk for people who haven't advanced beyond sitting on floors and eating with wooding sticks!! Enjoy your hentai pillows and radiation!!!
Both the C&J Monkton and Savile are quite nice. The Savile has better quality leather. Quote: Originally Posted by jeskali What is the better shoe? I will be getting them in brown. I also noticed the Harris Monk, which looks beatiful as well. Love to hear all thoughts and opinions. Thanks
Quite honestly you only think it's ugly because you're no different from all the other cliched louis-vuitton haters on this forum. If these weren't made by LV, you wouldn't have a problem with them. In fact, you'd probably start worshiping them. Quote: Originally Posted by Geezer It may be that cross-posting from SW&D is frowned upon, but could not resist sharing this on this side of the...
I dunno, your wife? Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt What do I get for ten dollars?
I hope you realize that MSG is in many ways just a form of salt. When you eat extremely salty things, you're going to get thirsty. The negative perception of MSG in this country is nothing more than a reflection of the West's ignorance/xenophobia towards things Asian. I also hope you realize that the Japanese food that white people have put on a pedestal are chalk-full of MSG, as MSG was invented by Dr. Kikunae Ikeda of Japan. Imagine the horror on white people's...
Can you tell me what exactly an "MSG reaction" is? Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt Oddly enough, I think I might have had an MSG reaction last night. It was French/Cal food, not Chinese, so I am kind of skeptical about it being MSG, but I've had them before, and the symptoms were identical. Sfield, are high end places using this shit now?
What is the general consensus on Michael Andrews Bespoke? Are they good? Worth the price? Please share your thoughts.
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