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Hi everyone, I couldn't decide on which pair to get so I got both pairs to try on. I have attached some pics. Which pair is better? At first I was leaning towards the Mackays, but after trying on the Barksdale, I fell in love. Am I crazy?? Thanks for your suggestions.
Are these Japanese shoes superior to Edward Green's and John Lobb's? It seems like everything from the construction to materials is of better quality.
Let's try to get back on topic--which shoe is better for which occasion and which one is better for a guy in his 20s? Mackay or Barksdale?
From what I have noticed, younger guys seem to like the Barksdale more as it is a sleeker, more modern design. They seem to think that the Barksdale is a lot more versatile in that it can be worn with anything from high end jeans to a suit. Older men on the other hand tend to gravitate towards the Mackay with it's traditional broguing and cap-toe style. The Mackays seem like the type of shoe that should only be worn with a suit, lest you look like one of those old...
I've asked some of my friends as well and they seem to be split. What I've noticed however is that which of those two shoes a person perfers is correlated with their age. Now could each of you post your age?
Mackay: Barksdale: Anyone else have any opinions on which is more versatile? Can either one be worn with jeans?
Which is more versatile and why? Can you pull off wearing either one with jeans?
But it seems like the Barksdale are very versatile shoes--they can either be formal or casual? Whereas the Mackays seem like something you can only wear with a suit.
So which pair is better? The RLPL Mackays or these Barksdale Pennies?
Does anyone else have an opinion on these shoes? Are they worth it? Good quality?
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